Post your Retro Setup in Here


Hey Tekno, I don’t know if I knew you’d joined us at RGB. Welcome!


I’m soooo jealous of my son.


Saky, that setup is incredible! Also love that arcade machine. I definitely have to do some serious redecorating to make my stuff even look halfway decent.


I have this exact same TV. Does it have S-video? Mine only has Component and standard AV and coax of course.


Component, Composite, and S-Video.


One from a few months back but a general idea.


Thought those were posters at first!

Seating is a bit too fancy for my tastes.


Definitely one of the best looking setups I’ve seen. Idk how I’d feel about the lack of seating though


Mine is missing S-Video unfortunately. Would have loved that input. They’re so rare on more modern CRTs.


Man I always love seeing @YesBoss’s setups. It just screams “gamer” instead of “collector”

I don’t think he’s that bothered by the seating considering his profession lol


You calling me soft, socks?

Because you’re probably right.


Yeah I’m dreading the day when it either just dies or needs repair :sweat_smile: Right now the S-Video is just a perma-Dreamcast input and odd PSone (lil one modded just imports and translations here and there).


Having a lot of fun with this one. Still have not been able to find the SNES version. :frowning:


taken last year, not much has changed since - few games added, an FM modded Master System & Switch, and that PVM is elsewhere while a late model Trinotron with component sits in its place


Wow. That’s an impressive collection.


i kept a lot of stuff, much of it also came from that time with garage sales/craigslist etc was still a viable option

a large amount of say, gamecube & PS2 games are disc only ones when gamestop was liquidating them for pennies on the dollar. whenever they get around to doing that for PS3/360 i feel like ima need another shelf

*edit a few games are bullshit repros too of course, like Centy, MUSHA, Pulseman, Wily Wars etc. on the SNES end most repros are just fan translations (FF V, SMT 1/2 and the like)
oh and i totally don’t have Space Adventure, Popful Mail or Keio, those are burns/place holders haha


Awesome stuff @IrishNinja , I absolutey love that Lunar poster. Also, I could scope out Snatcher instantly without even zooming in, gotta love that unique spine.

As much as I hate those long boxes for Sega CD and Saturn, they do look hot on a bookshelf side by side.


Still trying to find a way to move my game shelf to my bedroom. Spent the weekend printing out covers for all the game cases so they take up alot more space,but they look so damn good!


I am in agreement that one super metroid is not enough.


One BVM for each eye