Post your Retro Setup in Here


That Ryu Shenmue statue! Good lord I want one.


yeah, i got that poster off a guy at gaijinworks years back - had a nice Lunar 2 one as well but traded it to my roommate. and yeah, exactly - they just work better for me filling out a shelf!

thanks! too broke for skies or yakuza ones, but glad i wen tin ryo.


Can i get away with posting this here? :smiley:

My new house will be finished around Christmas time and so i’m just in the planning stages.
On the left i’ve got Vita/3DS, PS3 & PS4, Wii U. On the right, Framemeister, Wii, SNES, Saturn & N64! The TV cabinet itself could house more consoles, but mostly i’d use it for things I want close but out of sight, like cabled controllers. Prefer the consoles out in the open for ventilation.

Pretty happy with what i’ve got drawn up, the only issue i have now is finding matching furniture! The 2 “S” shelves on either side of the TV cabinet are only available in a dark brown wood or white. I’ve only been able to find them at a cheap furniture shop so they’re just the MDF/fake surface type. The TV cabinet is real wood but it’s a lighter dark brown outside, with beige wood beams across the front.

The room itself has dark wood surrounding cupboards/windows and on the edge of the floor and ceilings, so ideally I want all dark furniture.


This is fantastic ! I love the little consoles. I move into my new house in a month so I’m also drawing out my floorplan in advance!


where did you get that power strip?


Should we post game collections in this thread, or should we start a new thread for our games? I personally feel this is more of a hardware thread.


I took some pictures of my “main” setup. Considering that I don’t have any of the new consoles, everything hooked up is from last gen and before. I mainly play here when friends come over for a visit. No one can complain that they can’t see shit when playing 4 players splitscreen Goldeneye anymore.

Wii U, PS3, 360 and PC (connected from another room through a very long HDMI cable). I also have the framemeister ready to go in case I want to see gigantic pixels blown up on the screen.

The projector is an Optoma HD 110, which is pretty old at this point but the image is still pretty good for what I need. The screen is 121’.


Fucking awesome.


At a local electronics store called sayal.

You can post your collection!


Nice Q4s! I love that stick!



They are pretty great yeah. Build quality is great and being able to switch between PS3 and 360 (PC) is fantastic. I have a couple of Q3 also but those are for PS3 (PC) only.


I have the GSCARTSW. In fact I was the first to get the Japanese 21pin RGB version then I blew it up with the wrong polarity PSU. Thankfully the builder of this awesome RGB box could fix it for FREE!! Very nice guy.

It’s an very well made bit of kit with absolute perfect image quality and auto switching. I love it and use it daily.
On the downside the GSCARTSW isn’t the cheapest switch box on the market but you get what you pay for and that’s pure quality with this unit. It even has a stereo audio out jack and VGA out on it too!!


I’d kill to get my hands on a digital copy of OutRun Online Arcade.

I have Outrun 2 for the original Xbox, but it’s just not the same (although it supports LAN matches.)


It’s really unfortunate yeah. I was way into the xbla games (more than the retail games) so I got them as soon as they released (outrun and after burner). Never crossed my mind that they’d be delisted just like that.


Here’s an idea for you all in case you want to have the dumbest setup ever:


Cover part of the screen because mid century home? Nope. I live in a mid century home in Seattle. I’m not envious and do not want him to make me one, lol. Good for him if he likes it though!


It’s completely uncivilized to have a widescreen-looking fake CRT chasis, put fake dials on the chasis, and then watch old content upscaled on the screen in 4:3 with the borders showing even though you covered part of the actual picture that shows 4:3 content.

Everything about this project is stupid. If you want a midcentury tv, then buy one and convert from digital to analogue. Or just do what normal people do (even with midcentury homes) and buy a flatscreen.

One of my friends owns a beautiful home built by Frank Lloyd Wright - seriously this home is a work of art that I think puts every other building I’ve been in to shame including the Sistine chapel - and it has all the original furniture. And you know what? Even she has a flat screen like a normal person.

And this is coming from someone who owns 3 CRTs and loves midcentury decor.

By the way, Frank Lloyd Wright is still the gold standard for me on how to decorate. Every time I am in something he built, my heart almost breaks from how amazing it is. If you haven’t experienced one of his buildings in person, definitely change that someday. Photos don’t even come close to doing them justice. He may be my favorite artist who ever lived.


One of my friend’s grandparents growing up lived in a FLW house, totally agree.


(Behind the TV is a PS4 Pro, Switch, steam link and a Vita tv)

Still work in progress. I haven’t been able to do what I really want to and since we moved into this house 2 years ago my game room has been on the back burner. Eventually, I’m going to gut the closet. It will house 2 CRTs and 1 HDTV more of my consoles and have storage for games and accessories.


The story of my life when it comes to my setup. :c