Post your Retro Setup in Here


If you’re not constantly tinkering, you’re doing it wrong, IMO.


Nah. Best feeling is when it just works, and you’re done with all that noise.


What? No way. The best part is getting your setup just right and then changing your mind a week later.


I’m with chac on this one. That’s why I’m doing it right this time.


Mod fight? Mod fight.


Ridiculous setups on here, wow!

So what do you do regarding people or animals? Do you allow others in the retro lairs? Food, drink, etc.? I’m curious. I’d imagine many here are very cautious about what goes on in some of these rooms.


Of course, my cat, friends, and girlfriend are allowed in, partly because it’s part of my living room and I live in a 1 bedroom apartment.


Hah, I’m in a similar situation myself. Existor, do you let pets or folks in the bat cave? :stuck_out_tongue:


I have a big dopey 110lb lab that loveals to knock everything over/off my shelves. I’m moving next week and specifically designing my new game room with this in mind (and future kids)

This is him thinking about the time he licked the open oven door


Just got my Gameroom/Youtube Studio is just about ready, video coming soon!



Welcome newcomer. Your setup and collection are fucking amazing.


Lol, BN, you win. Didn’t see a shot of the arcade board stash, though. Where’s that at?


What I love about his setup is that it’s clearly meant to be played. It’s entirely functional and bullshit free.


He even has pogs.


OJ Simpson pogs of all things. That is just amazing.


His setup was so rad the board flagged it as spam. I had to manually allow it!


I live on my own and the few people that come by don’t really care for games and the ones that do respect my stuff. I’m fine with people eating or drinking there, they know to be careful, but it’s a gameroom; it’s suppposed to be fun. Games are supposed to be played and enjoyed, so I’m not overly protective of them (to a degree, my more valuable games are usually in a plastic protector case).

I don’t have pets (yet, but I’m sure I’ll get a cat sometime soon enough), but I would definitely keep them out of my gameroom. They can galavant all around the house, sleep on the bed, whatever, but I’d be too paranoid if they could access the gameroom when I’m not home.


That’s a hell of a setup! Congrats!


Sorry, not great cell phone pic but here’s my meager setup in the basement. There are more things on the walls as I noticed it looks barren from this angle, lol.

The PS3, Wii, and OG Xbox are hooked up to the HDTV (old Panny plasma). PS1,2,3, Xbox and Wii games are in the totes on the bottom.

SNES currently hooked up to the PVM (I turned it to face the same direction as the HDTV after I took the pic). I generally only have one system hooked up at a time. PSP, DS, GBA, NES, NESRGB, PS1, PS2, Genesis (and cart based games) are in rubbermaid type tubs in the back room (behind the door).

The PVM (1954Q) is on an end table. I put it on those furntiture sliders so I can easily slide it in front of the couch and then back out of the way when I’m done.