PSone Classic - Smaller = Better


It seems like a very subjective article, but I guess that’s what a first impression article is about.

He mentions things “feeling off,” which to me doesn’t really help a lot. And just saying there’s lag without any quantifier is tough for me to digest.

Taking into account the last paragraph about his own nostalgia, could it be that maybe he remembers these games as looking and “feeling” better in his own mind and won’t accept that this is how first generation 3D games actually were back then?


Or maybe this thing just sucks.


Well one thing positive I got from that is the clever use of the eject button for disk swapping games. Really really hope this thing is hackable.


Gamespot had a similar impression


Here’s an alternate take with a very interesting statement

“(A listing of licenses for open-source software accessible in the PlayStation Classic’s menu said that it uses the [open-source PlayStation emulator PCSX ReARMed]”

If it’s using an open source emulator that I can already use, and run better, there’s absolutely no reason to get this. I’m very surprised they didn’t go with their own, amazing, POPS emulator.


Yup, this is a full deal breaker to me. Moving on.



POPS is great and all, but I wonder which (POPS/PCSX) has better compatibility?

And why use PCSX ReARMed and not offer upscaling or any if its extra features?


The could’ve used display-less, stripped down Vitas/PSTVs and their own emulator, but they must have crunched the numbers and decided most people buying this won’t care anyway. and went with Pi’s or whatever.


This is honestly what I thought it was going to be. How much was the PSTV? I mean before the price drops and clearances?


It’s probably a cost thing. They may have had problems sourcing a MIPS processor and decided to go with any of the ARM chips out there instead


$100 if I’m not mistaken.


But Vita has an ARM chip?


It does. It also has a MIPS co processor that it uses for securing the vita at boot as well as PSP/PS1 emulation .


That is what I remembered but wanted to make sure. I doubt they were selling it at a loss even though they might have with hoping the memory cards/games would make up the difference.

I really did assume that this was just going to be a repackaged slimmed down PSTV that could only run PS1 games. And I loved that idea.


I did not know that. Thanks! Off to read about it


This sounds more and more like Sony’s just putting this out there to tick a box. I mean, given these consoles were always about marketing the brand or existing platforms like the NES Classic did, that’s not surprising. But you can make a device for that purpose and at least put together something that resembles high craftsmanship at the same time.

I felt that was largely the case with the NES and SNES Classics, and to some extent the NEOGEO Mini thanks to its excellent screen and novel form factor. But there seems to be too many questionable decisions about the PS Classic (game licensing, lineup, included controllers, emulation, no filters in the frontend) that don’t really make it seem like it’s celebrating what the PS1 was all about.

Wow! I never knew that. Certainly didn’t suspect it either as PSP games have sizeable input lag when played through Vita, making rhythm games unplayable and usually snappy menus feel a bit laggy.


Here’s a fantastic write up on how they hacked the Vita. It goes into detail on the processor setup

For those that don’t want to read the article:

* ARM: The main Vita processor is a quad core Cortex-A9. In addition, Vita has a security processor, which is a [Toshiba MeP](, a MIPS processor used for PSP compatibility, a bunch of PowerVR GPU cores using two custom assembly languages, [syscon]( an external Renesas chip, and more.


Just thought I’d ask how many people cancelled their pre-order.

+1 for me


I did. May still get one but lost the feeling of it being a pressing need right now.


I’ll grab one if/when it gets hacked to make better video options, and delete games.

Like, not even add games, just delete them. I don’t want a thing with shit like Rainbow Six, Coolboarders and Toshinden in my house. Even the ‘worst’ stuff on the NES Mini was just pretty inoffensive very old stuff like Donkey Kong. Though I was glad to be able to replace the horrible USA Mega Man cover, too.

Maybe the hacks could add a nicer menu too eventually? I don’t have a great easy PS1 solution (I have an actual PSOne hooked up via Framemeister etc, but that’s obviously no good for travel etc, and uses real discs), so the idea still appeals. I’ve kept the NES and SNES Minis to play only games for those systems too, I just like it that way.


Something smelled fishy about this from day one, with the lack of full game list, so I’d never even ordered one.