PSone Classic - Smaller = Better


I didn’t order either. I really think this is a typical Sony move where they feel they MUST copy Nintendo even if it only makes headlines. It’s typical of their corporate thinking to not understand the appeal of their own products and to react to those of Nintendo.


I cancelled mine. The things that appealed to me in the Nintendo classics just aren’t here in this one.


I was waiting on the games list like others have mentioned but after seeing what’s included I’m giving this a miss (might get one in future if it’s hacked)
I’ve used the money to buy a NES mini which is fantastic value especially now that I’ve added some extra games.


Ha! Even the Metal Jesus cancelled his order.


I don’t like that metal jesus click bate thumb nail. All the video is about is him bitching about the games. Who cares! Many of the stuff others may like may not be liked by everyone. For example, I couldn’t care less for Spyro or crash bandicoot but many like them.

I honestly thought this was going to be a video about the hardware and its crappy emulation or something. That would have been worth watching.
Besides, why buy something like this when a Raspberry Pi can emulate PSX just fine?


Many reasons to do with the hardware and industrial design.


Metal Jesus isn’t the person to look for for that kind of stuff. Even if he does do it I wouldn’t really trust what he would say. Not trying to bag on him but it’s not really what he’s good at.

Same reason people went nuts for the Nintendo classics. The simple “don’t gotta set up anything or ever fiddle around with stuff” nature of the devices and the design of them has a lot of appeal even when it can be cheaper/better to set up your own emulation box. That is the theory at least but Sony didn’t do a very good job with a few things about their classic in comparison to Nintendo’s apparently.


Yeah, probably would need DF Retro to do that analysis properly.


Would you believe it. Sony go and publicise the all new PlayStation Mini Classics but forgot all about their PS4 console. … Oh, Wait… It’s not official, as if you couldn’t tell (^_^)


I wonder how many cancellations they had after the game list announcement.


Gamester81 as well. I literally lol’d at a review of some emulation hardware he did. I cant remember exactly what it was.

“As you can see, there is no lag or slow down.”

*shows video of a game lagging, stuttering, and slowing down *


I use to get frustrated with that kind of stuff, since I thought it spreaded misinformation. And it does, but it’s normally simple stuff that is easily corrected when people actually look into the stuff. So now I try to just laugh as a coping mechanism…


So I actually met that guy. Nicest dude you would ever meet but I got stuck playing a demo of a game he was helping finance/make or something and it was like a retro amiga style game. I was not into it but I felt like I should play to the end of the demo and he kept guiding me to see the things he loved. The dude is older than me so maybe it was that pre NES generation of gamers that would be into it. I had a 2600 when I was young and honestly, I wish I never did because I almost didn’t get a NES because of how bad I thought home video games were compared to the Arcades.

There are very few retro youtubers that think like the majority of us. Most are like Jesus and Gamester. Hell, even people I know who are into retro are oddly weird about whats good enough. My buddy thinks that at games genesis is decent. /facepalm


Metal Jesus always rubs me the wrong way. :grimacing:


He’s got his appeal, and is very enthusiastic about his hobby but yeah, the stuff he puts out just isn’t for me. I try not to get too bitter at people putting out misinformation and “top hidden gem” lists (which he does both of) even if both things can be damaging in their own way, but it’s unfair of me to get mad at it.

I don’t know a single person irl that thinks about the hobby like I do and am not surprised it’s not more common on youtube. There is no flash in it and you need something to pull viewers. Hell I don’t even like taking pictures in general let alone of the stuff I own and seems you can’t have a retro channel without your collection in the background amirite?


Game Sack is pretty awesome… They actually talk about games in a topical manner (best shmups on SNES, sequels that were better than the originals, etc).

They don’t show off their collections either, which is nice.

They also have a bit of terrible acting and dad humor in each video which can be entertaining in a corny way.

Definitely my favorite retro gaming channel.


Joe’s Genesis / Sega CD collection is always at the end if the skits. How many green dog and snatcher bits have they done at this point. I love gamesack.

I actually watch MJR but because I knew him from a forum I used to go to. He’s a nice enough guy and doesn’t deserve the shit he gets a lot of the time. Believe me, if I put out videos like he did and had enough money to not work a normal job that would be awesome.

His content isn’t really for me but sometimes I find a few games I didn’t know about and that’s mainly why I watch.


Yeah I know many retro gamers locally who are completely non-discerning about game quality, game version quality (eg playing extremely bad PAL versions), and have no concern at all about image quality.

They post shots of playing slow/squashed PAL versions in 16:9 via composite directly to cheapo off-brand LCD (or via the cheapest nastiest AV to HDMI converter ‘which makes it HD’) and are entirely happy about it.

Sometimes I’ve shown someone RGB to PVM, they say ‘wow that looks great’ (so they can tell the difference) but just don’t seem to care about it enough for themselves. I would say the appeal to them is just the nostalgia element (rather than a more general appreciation of previous eras of games and game design), but playing them in 16:9 smeared with deinterlacing artefacts betrays that too. And they’re not just casual fans either, they have hundreds of games.

I truly don’t understand it but hey whatever.


I think there must be a generic difference in us compared to them.



As I know I have different tastes then the majority for most things I don’t really have a hard time understanding people thinking differently, or view it negatively. Heck, I may even envy it, being able to just play something without caring about all the little details would save me a ton of headache and effort.

Guess I’ve had the benefit of being able to enjoy the things I enjoy alone so I’ve never had to rely on others seeing things the same way as I do to get my enjoyment out of it, so in turn I’ve never built up resentment.