Retro Game Boards Age Ratio?


We are having some work done and the contractor thought i was 31-32. Felt good. Its weird but I look younger than my sister who is 8 years my junior. Sunblock & Moisturizer people. Keep that skin healthy.


I always moisturise daily, think we have found the key to maintaining a youthful exterior!


I mousturised my face as soon as I read this!


Retro Game Beautification

Forget these old ass games that no one but us cares about, lets just use this forum as a front to share ways we can halt the ravages of time!


Just put retrobrite on your face.




I’m gonna rebrand Botox for men and call it Brotox. See you all when I’m a millionaire.


Sorry Brotox™ was something I came up to help the Jersey Shore dudes appear to be in their 20s. I sold it to some Russians for a large amount of bitcoins. I’m sending you this message from a private island in the Pacific.



Brotox’s no good. Too ethnic



I’m in with the old farts at 42 years old.
My first computer was a Commodore Plus 4 with my first console being a Sega Master System.


35-39 bracket here.

I’m 36.

Our first console was the Philips Videopac G7000 (aka Odyssey 2), we had it until it literally exploded (well, went up in smoke). I still remember that vividly and I think that’s where my life-long aversion to all things Philips comes from. My first real console was the NES (that I cared for I mean), you know the one: Mario/Duck Hunt. 2 controllers and the Zapper. I never really cared for the Videopac, but when I saw Super Mario Bros. I knew that was it for me.


30-34 If you don’t know the early PS1 library like the back of your hand, I probably can’t talk to you.


35-39 for the last year for me :wink:


Checking in at 38.


More old people in here than I thought. I’m ok with that


I just joined the 30-34 bracket today!


Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday!


Me too! Congrats! :smiley:

We should play the Famicom version of Contra today, since it came out the exact same day we did lol.


Two Retro Game Boarders who were born on the exact same day as each other? What are the odds?

Happy birthday to you too KRS!