Retro Game Boards Age Ratio?


At over 200 users it’s 100% guaranteed at least 2 people share a birthday. :wink:

I’m 35-39.


Happy Birthday to you too!


Ha, ha, wow, that’s awesome!

And thanks everyone!


It’s not quite 100%.

You don’t reach 100% until you get to 366 people, but the chances are extremely likely at even 60 people.


We are going to rename it to retiredgameboards in a few years


They were born on the same day in the same year though. (That’s what I meant).


Back in my day Mario had to traverse levels uphill both ways, with ice physics!


In the 30-34 bracket myself. Cool idea for a thread.


I’m in the 35-39 bracket. Will be 36 in June.


I’m barely in the 25-29 bracket, I’m 25, turn 26 this August.


40-44 range. this life.


Hang on, cant remember… off to ask wife…


You may find it interesting (though maybe not), my YT channel shows 73% of watchers are between 35-44…


That is pretty interesting. I wonder if younger generations will pursue the same old games when they age into this bracket.


Ah, yes… YouTube videos about “how to get the best picture out of your retro PlayStation 4 console.”
“I only play my retro 1080p games on LED televisions, for the most authentic picture.”
“My nostalgia is for a crappy 720p plasma I got from my parents”

I’m already dead


Lol. I remember on GAF someone once posted something like “It’s 2017. 1080p looks like blurry ass these days” and I almost spit my drink out (metaphorically speaking).


Tail end of the 25-29 bracket. Makes me feel young I guess considering the average age of the board. My current collecting focus is the turbografx, and I was an infant when it came out. First system was an NES top loader though because I got the hand me downs.


Someone older than me? Excellent :+1:



“Why buy a Playstation 1-4 Classic when you can just emulate on a Raspberry Pi 17”


Haha yer, thats smashing.


Well that makes me feel a lot better, life just tends to catch up with us all in the end, the secret is to just enjoy it for what it is :smiley: