RGB Friend Code/Gamertag Exchange


Greetings. I thought it would be nice to have a dedicated thread for exchanging Friend Codes, gamertags etc… I’ve seen codes or gamertags mentioned in other threads, but they easily get buried and forgotten as those threads move forward.

If your username on this board is different than your gamertag, just mention it here so we know who you are.

I’ll start it off.

Nintendo Switch
Friend Code: SW-1478-4810-0900

Xbox One

The only one I have is Steam:

I have a steam account, but almost never use it.

PSN: CyborgNumberBlue

Great idea!

Steam : Socksfelloff
XBL : Socksfelloff
PSN : Socksfelloff
Switch : SW-0762-2536-9311

XBL/PSN: tron999 (hardly on xbox anymore though)
steam: tron1098

Xbox Live: MajorHavoc 2049
Steam: Havoc
GOG: Havoc2072

For multiplayer, I mainly game on the Xbox One and I’m currently playing big time sink games like Destiny 2, Elite Dangerous and Halo (Halo 5 & Master Chief Collection). I do have a large classic game collection on the One and own almost all the Sega games that are backwards compatible.

XBL: GhostHack
PSN: GhostHack
Steam: GhostHack
BattleNet: Malvados # 1756
Switch: SW-3637-1871-6111

Twitch: Gh0stHack (with a zero instead of an o)

I don’t see your Steam User id when I search for it.


For those on Steam, I’ve gone ahead and made a quick steam group for us.


I just made a request (GhostHack)