RGB High Score Battle! - Week 3: Dragon Spirit (Arcade)

I’m right here Rask! I made my account a few days ago, just need to start posting some high scores now!

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The score I posted was just a single run without any warmup. I think I can max it out higher before the deadline. Admittedly, I suggested this game because I used to play it obsessively, so if I get dethroned, I’ll be sitting with my Xbox 360 for hours to try and get back on top.

Nothing like some good ol’ obsession to spur on some competition!

I am the same way with certain games that I used to play a lot, so hopefully we’ll get some good battles going!

I’m in. I’ll fire it up on the weekend. :slight_smile:

Friendly reminder to get your scores in! We have three days left in the battle.

I bought the game on Steam yesterday and my weekend has opened up a bit so I’ll get some scores in before the week is done.

Just a friendly reminder to everyone, last day of this week’s challenge! Get your scores in today!

Ya boi New is comin’ for ya. You nervous??

ROFL totally

Hey at least no one will accuse us of doctoring our scores >_>

It’s painful, but the truth.

Got it a little higher just now

I’d like to propose something a little…different…for next week’s challenge if I may…

Katamari Damacy (PS1), Star 1, Max Size Score


That would be dope. I’ve actually been playing a ton of Katamari lately :joy:

I would like to retract my previous idea, and instead offer up (insert game Peltz has never played before here).

Metal slug?

(JK). We should do a racing game. Like an F-Zero track or something.

Lol I’m cool with Katamari :stuck_out_tongue:

Only F-Zero I own is best F-Zero (SNES).

Seems like Peltz is going to pick the next game, unless someone can take him down!

I’d be up to try and get some high scores going in the future :slight_smile:
Tetris and Donkey Kong are my jam but I’d be up for whatever.