RGB High Score Battle! - Week 6: Pac-Man Championship Edition DX/DX+


That’s correct I think, but if I remember correctly, the leaderboards got reset for DX+.

Also, this game is on sale in Microsoft’s Spring Sale.

I forgot how fun this game is…


Ok, looks like my previous score here is 1.3M or so.

First real attempt: 1,157,820.

In other news, I found out one of my PS3 controllers is totally fucked. A little googling and it sounds like there’s a ribbon loose that messes up the inputs pretty bad. Ugh.



I have a super weird latency problem in this game, I miss a lot of turns, and I feel I need to press the key well in advance to get the proper response.


What’s your setup?


FWIW, the game is somewhat designed around doing just that. There’s an in-game medal for sparking longer than one second, which means you’re pressing the next direction well ahead of the turn and “grinding” into the wall.


I don’t mind this mechanic of grinding the wall, but I feel like when you are actually at the turn, it’s too late already. Not like you can grind, but have to grind


I was running into this issue last night as well and it’s even harder grinding when you reach speeds 40 and up. OG Pacman allowed turning at the turn, but as radar said. The game is designed around grinding. I’m just hoping that my reaction in time because I know what paths to take, it’s just a matter of executing it. This game moves faster than my brain can comprehend at faster speeds.


That’s what makes it awesome!

Keep in mind, like Pac-Man, you don’t have to be pushing in the direction you are headed. You only need to move the stick (or push a key if you’re using a keyboard) to change directions. I find it plays best with the 360 controller, specifically the analog stick. The Xbox One controller was very good, and that’s how I set my score, but that was the first time I used it last night. I’ve always played this with a 360 controller either on the 360 or PC before this.

There is definitely a groove and there are patterns to suss out to get better scores. It’s in the latter half of your five minutes where you can get creative to get higher scores and for the most part, you want to try not to bomb and lower the speed. High speed means higher scores.

@raskulous I looked at the scoreboard and you gave @Radarscope1 ten thousand more points than the score shows. I think I’m leading by a little less than 10k right now. :slight_smile:


This is the key. You want to clear the boards as quickly as possible to get to the high-value fruit later later on. The ghost chains will come naturally as a result. But you’ll want to sacrifice a few ghosts here and there in order to cut corners and get to the later boards faster. The bar graph chart is actually helpful in seeing that. Note that the values on the side of the chart can change, so it’s not always an exact 1:1 visual comparison between two runs.


Oh! Good catch, sorry about that. Fixed.


Thanks! Being on top for a little while means I can play something else for a bit instead of obsessing over my Pac-Man pattern and execution. lol!


First time playing DX+ in forever. Had to update the PS3 and the game, LOL.


Need more coffee to go faster


What’s the difference between dx and dx2?


Assuming you mean CE2, here is my in-depth analysis: DX is quite good. CE2 is dogshit.


The name is incredibly confusing. So we are going for a score on CE DX+ not CE DX or CE 2+?


Correct. CE DX+


Yeah, it should have just been CE, CE2 and CE3. They are all three very different retro-modern takes on the Pac-Man concept.

To help simplify, though, DX+ is just DX. It got a modest content update and they decided to wipe the leaderboards and change the name. DX effectively no longer exists.


Only enough time for a couple of runs tonight. Didn’t even beat my own score, let alone Dave’s. More time later this week!