RGB High Score Battle! - Week 6: Pac-Man Championship Edition DX/DX+


Yes, just as the title states. Only DX and DX+ for this week.


Man that sun glare is my biggest enemy right now


There is one pattern that throws me way off everytime and I lose about 20 seconds of scoring per game. Hopefully I can figure it out but I have only been able to log 5 attempts thus far…so busy. :weary:


I finally got around to trying this out… Very fun game!

Site updated.


I play better in the morning for some reason. Not sure how much higher I can push this though, but I’d love to hit the 1.5 mil mark. That might demand perfection lol


There’s a Pacar skin? Damn I need it
[edit] wait no, it’s Rally X. Still cool!



Nice score. I wasn’t able to play last night. May not get a chance tonight, either. Gotta do better!


Yup! There’s also a Dig Dug one, which is my favorite.

I got all the DLC in a bundle on steam a while back for a song and a dance.


Awesome! Setting the bar! I hope to get back to it a little bit tonight. You have to be sharp to play this game.


I’ll probably buy the full DLC bundle. I might get back into this game for a bit and the new courses would be nice. I am a sucker for the classic skins, too.

I noticed that I have only unlocked the second board, and obviously have no other scores listed, either. I assume the game wiped all that when I upgraded to the Plus version. So, I really need to get into this! I am kind of a Pac-Man fan (though never have been good at it), so was thinking about starting a catch all Pac-Man OT here. We could continue some high score battles and tips across many Pac games there…


Pac-Man is the ultimate palette cleanser IMO. When you want to reset your videogame expectations and just kind of remember why you play games, Pac-Man is the perfect game for that. It’s so simple and yet so exciting all at the same time and filled with personality.


I would be lying if I didn’t say I spent 2.5 hours to get that score this morning. I have the patterns memorized on the best routes to clear the board as fast as possible, it’s just a matter of not screwing up.


Ugh I can’t even break a million.


That’s what I need to do - devote some real time. Need to get to the weekend so I can hop on after the rest of my family is in bed.


I had completely forgotten about Microsoft points until today when I saw the DLC menu in this game. It took me a bit to realize what that symbol even meant. xD


Yay, a new personal high score!


Slightly better. I want to try the other levels, but I’m afraid it’ll screw me up lol. I guess I’ll just wait till next week.


Nice work!

I played a bit last night too, getting the hang of it.


I’m not sure that I can improve on this much more, if at all, but that won’t stop me from trying. I’d like to at least hit 1.5mil.

Looking at everyone else’s graphs it would appear you all have a super solid run up until ~1.4 million when the breakneck speed brings it crashing down.