RGB High Score Battle! - Week 7: Fantasy Zone II


There are many more differences. It’s an enhanced port, director’s cut


“Fantasy Zone II DX borrows many of the features seen in Fantasy Zone II, though is not a straight port of the game. It re-introduces the radar missing from the home ports of Fantasy Zone II and adds/tweaks various features to make the game more similar to the original arcade Fantasy Zone. Many of the backgrounds were re-invented, music and bosses altered and there are only two sections to each level - a “light” and “dark” variation. Depending where the levels are finished, the game will result in one of three different endings.”


Around 25-30 minutes but the game loops if certain conditions are met. Still having a google to find some sort of strategy guide.


Yeah, damn… That’s something I didn’t think of. You could literally just farm enemies indefinitely.

That throws a pitchfork into this for sure, as there’s no way to really police that in small amounts.

Just don’t do it, guys… Haha


Katamari’s time to shine :smiling_imp:


That’s not so good… milking enemies is really hard to police. Like, what if someone doesn’t even know they’re doing it?


My though as well when I saw what game it was lol


The game gets faster and throws more and more enemies at you the longer you stay in a level. I’m not sure you could stay indefinitely.


I’m pretty certain it doesn’t on the SMS version.

I was doing a little reading on the scores for this game, and you get a high score multiplier when you complete the game based on the amount of lives you have left (* 1,000,000), and how much money you have (* 100).

With that in mind, completing the game with extra lives is the true way to really get a high score.

Let’s roll with it as is, I’m sure it’ll be fine.

Good luck everyone!


Sounds like a good candidate for a “Battle of the Ports” episode.


I would love to see that.

It’s one of my favorite games from as a kid, but I’m not very good at it.


Lost all my lives at the level 5. Once you get to the later levels and lose the speed power-up, the game becomes nearly impossible to me.


Oh that part is easy… Just make sure you die right by a store lol


I think I need to play this game now. :thinking:



Site updated with the scores.


That fifth level is devilish. I found two shops, but none had speed power ups. Couldn’t get much farther. The placement of the bases and the enemies patterns make it much more difficult than everything before it. I don’t doubt that the following levels will be even more brutal.


Milked the hell out of the regular enemies in the first three stages. As their appearance is not randomised its really easy to just keep going as you know exactly what will turn up next. A stupid death on the stage six boss made it impossible to progress as I no longer had any speed, it’s not the most balanced game in that respect.


Hahahaha I got 600 points on my first run. On my very first life I fell into the enemy and died without touching a button.

Update: this is as far as I’m getting tonight LOL. Game is tough!


Here’s my attempt for today.


Alright, I attempted it. Got to Stage 3, and died died died. That’s actually further than I’ve ever been in a Fantasy Zone game, so I may have to try again later this week.

Still, I’m glad Socks posted before me :wink: