RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!

Thanks everyone, I’m super stoked about it. I didn’t show in the pictures, but it also came with a Commodore 1010 external disk drive, which is a really nice little bonus.

That Amiga is in such a great condition! Love the interior grey frame on the monitor, the design of the whole system has aged really well.

Don’t think the CD drive works but it’s in a nice condition and I’ve always wanted an MD2.


MD2 is a beautiful looking piece of hardware.

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That’s one sexy piece of hardware!

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I don’t think this is retro yet, but I can’t pass up Nintendo stuff at the thrift store!! $3 games and yes… JUST a game pad, no console! What the heck am I supposed to do with just the game pad? Haha ugh


Join the party.

Somehow the gamepad is the most expensive thing these days. You could probably find a gamepad-less Wii U for pretty cheap.

Every time a Wii U is played an angel gets its wings.

Xbox was sold out in the store so I bought the PS4 version and then ended up ordering Xbox online. Still trying to decide if a few dropped frames is worth losing the sharper image. But with the sharper image comes some shimmering.

One of the RE2s is going back.

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I went back and forth between which version I wanted to buy (until the decision was made for me by the fact that only my preorder of the Xbox deluxe version came through). I’ve been playing on the X, and the game looks absolutely gorgeous. I played the One Shot Demo on PS4 Pro, and honestly wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference unless I toggled side by side.

The X framerate has been rock solid with one exception, where running between three rooms that were all lit differently would cause some pretty noticeable drops for about 5 seconds. Otherwise I haven’t noticed anything. I would personally go with the X version, though either should be fine.

One final note: the PS4 does have two “bonus” controller features: the Dualshock 4 light changes to signify your health (Fine / Caution / Danger), and apparently the speaker on the controller is used as well, though I don’t know how.

That’s very interesting. I wanted the PS4 version if I was being honest because I love the controller and from what I hear the dips are caused by the engine constantly calibrating of color and light. If dips happen I’m not as upset as if the game runs bad. Running with frame rate all over the place vs frame dipping here and there usually is a non issue for me.

Edit: also adding psvr support could be something I’d be into. I still need a psvr

Well, I can’t speak for the performance of the PS4 Pro version, but the X I’ve only ever noticed one dip, which happened every time I ran between those three rooms. It could be dipping from a locked 60fps down to mid 50s without me noticing though, I’m not insanely sensitive to small dips from 60. That one dip I did notice was at least down to around 40fps, but again we’re talking 4-5 seconds before performance was back up. Not an issue at all.

As per John Linneman from Digital Foundry, the two versions are so close that you can pretty much go for which ever platform you prefer.

Belt action set finally has arrived and managed to pick up a Super Game Boy commander pad which has great ergonomics but might need the silicone replaced on the d-pad it’s a nifty controller nonetheless.


I did not know that about the sound, that’s a nice touch. I don’t think I would have noticed that in the noisy arcades anyway though!

I think the darker art style is amazing, it really gives that game an identity that’s up there with RR Type4 and RR V. Haha playing with an arcade stick, that sounds line an interesting experience! I have a NeGcon but have never used it, I’ve heard good things though.

So, I just buy it for GameCube then?

(Seriously, I want this more than the new ones).

I’ve got 2, 3, and Code Veronica on the way for GC so that I can have a complete set of GC RE games.

I started playing onimusha and it really confirms that I need forward-on-R for fixed camera games and all the GC RE games have that.

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BTW posted this to discord but look at this ridic Onimusha collector’s edition for Switch:



What year is it dot gif


Got some portable Densha de Go! games. I think I’m longing to ride/drive the Chuo Main Line and Yamanote lines again.

Also got Densha de Go Ryojouhen on the way - it’s got the Enoden in it!


image https://media.giphy.com/media/zXA5VEmXr7OUg/giphy.gif

Are these train simulators?

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I forgot to add this to my pickups too