RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!

Ah the lack rubber feet! That was one of the first things i noticed. I have a roll of rubber mat for just this purpose though hehe

Made a semi-dumb purchase but have always wanted to try this thing :smiley:


There are some good games for it. Pathway to Glory is a quality exclusive in that pile.

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Awesome. What are some other games you’d recommend for it?

Just got a Street Fighter Alpha 2 poster. :blush:

I will just link to the OT. I put some recommendations in there.

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I’m kind of pissed with Amazon Japan regarding the PC Engine mini. Seems people overseas who ordered from amazon Japan have or are receiving theirs while us in Japan have had the status on or orders changed to unknown.

Nice! Which platform is it for, CPS2?

Yes CPS2

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ViewSonic G225f


Just got back from a 2 week trip to Japan. Was going for a conference but naturally it got cancelled. Had some great times and good pickups though.

PCBs! Artwork not original tho.

MVS and F3 carts on the cheap.

Misc console stuff. 360 was 900 yen LOL, thank god for BookOff.

Badass Mikado ashtray loaded with 100 yen coins for the cab.

Bargain bin stuff, nothing was more than 300 yen.


That Saturn joystick! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Killer haul. Well done sir.

Give your impressions on that Saturn stick whenever you get a chance. I could use one myself

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Ohh man so jealous of that ESP Ra De board. My favorite shmup of all time right there. Such a damn good game.

this is my most random set of grabs yet



Nice! Always love the B&W pics too!

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I always love when an old receipt is in the box. lol


So I now have all the actual attainable Famicom Kunio games. The 11th (basketball) is insanely expensive.


Thank you!