RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Nice. I miss manuals.


Yea me too man. At least we still get internal cover art for Switch games. Small consolation I suppose.

Overall it’s probably for the best. It’s a bummer when think about how many video game manuals have been senselessly tossed in the garbage over the years. All that wasted paper and destroyed artwork.

I do wish we still got software manuals though. That’s one thing that Wii U and 3DS did well. It’s kind of a bummer those are gone too. Wii started that with its digital only releases and VC and I thought it was a nice little bonus to have with each game.


Interesting tangent… I removed the Internet Channel on my Wii to free up some space for some WiiWare games and was pleasantly surprised to find out every game includes a single screen listing just the controls, for exactly this situation when there’s no web browser for the game to load the digital manuals (which are mini websites). Very nice touch.


I didn’t realize those used the web browser. Color me surprised.


Be sure to check out some of Acquire’s Vita games. I think some of their best games are on the Vita. Shinobido 2 remains an exclusive, and as janky as it is, Akiba’s Trip 2 has a lot of personality in its mechanics.

Yeah, there are few Vita games out there which you can’t play elsewhere. But luckily there are still a few games which were designed for the Vita itself, which play best on the Vita for the reasons you mention.

Some of the ports are great, too, of course. While the Vita falls short by some margin at recreating ‘big’ console gaming on the go, it’s still great for certain types of console games much like how the PSP and 3DS were. Disgaea 3 is superb on the Vita - its pixel art sprites are far more readable than Disgaea 4’s hand drawn ones. And the Taiko no Tatsujin games feel so good under the thumbs with Vita’s clicky D-Pad and symmetrical buttons, including the iDOLM@STER spinoff ones.

Minna no Golf 6/Everybody’s Golf/Hot Shots Golf is also another game that feels perfectly at home on Vita still. I’ll have to look back at my library and come up with a more comprehensive list if anyone wants one…


This so much.

It feels like Nintendo went a bit too far in making the Switch very easy to develop and publish for. Even stuff like going for PS4-like square icons at the last moment (an old leaked dev kit from before launch showed a more Wii channels like homescreen layout with wide, rectangular icons) feels like a decision made to cut down the amount of bespoke work involved in publishing games for Switch.

Even just a controls summary sheet, accessible from the +/- menu of Switch’s home screen would be nice. I’ve noticed that the games which do include digital manuals often link to a webpage which is inaccessible when you’re offline.


Some black Friday pickups.

eBay pick ups for the same week

Cyber Monday was nuts. Got all this for about $70

Finally got my Wii back with a fresh new WiiDual Mod


Black Friday Stone Age gamer pickups


Where can I read more about this?


Some great cyber Monday buys you got there. 70 dollars for that lot is fantastic.


Only picked up a few games lately. Been stacking up on cheap 4k movies.
Been wanting Toukiden for awhile. Finally found it for cheap.
Also picked up the PS4 controller for $15 thanks to facebook.


Oh yeah, 10 minutes later the deal was dead. Best Buy had the prices messed up at 12pm EST. I’m in Los Angeles and happened to have almost all these games to my saved for later queue. I quickly moved everything into my cart and bought it. I was too late for RE7. Still one if my best price error pickups. Only beaten by getting Corsair headphones for $10 when they normally retail for $150.

My Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright ended up being damaged a bit so the eBayer refunded me and just let me keep it


Let us know how you get on with Lightning Returns. I picked up a copy too but haven’t gotten round to playing it more than five minutes. It does look like the kind of quirky game Square Enix used to greenlight but rarely does these days.


Pickups came in from last week.


nice Bucky O’ Hare. I really regret selling my copy years ago.


Nice pickups!

What’s going on with the Contra Force cart?


I dont know,its got these heat bubbles all over it. It works though. Seller let me have it for $35 because of the damage.


Man, that Super Metroid box is awesome. I need one of these for my shelf!


Interesting, I’ve never seen something like that.

Are you going for a full NES set? Maybe less Stadium Events and Little Samson type games


Full set minus Stadium. I’m targeting Little Samson when I get my bonus. Almost got one with some label damage for $600 last week.