RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


After (finally!) getting a local multiplayer session of Jam With The Band going a few weeks ago, I decided to pick up the Japan-only original, Daigasso! Band Bros, alongside the GBA cartridge expansion of requested songs. The latter was a must buy because it includes the ever catchy Happy Material in the song list…

The manual is really neat! You get a pull out double sided poster for each game mode. I also like that the developers refer to the game with a GB Music Emblem in places. It was originally a Nintendo R&D team title headed to the Game Boy Advance.


Cool. Never heard of this one. But your post makes it sound like I’m missing out.


It’s really great local multi-player.

I could never understand why Wii Music missed the boat so badly when they got it so right with Daigasso.


Another collection purchase came in today,some heavy hitters here. Paid about 30% less than gamevaluenow which is pretty good. Gonna be my last purchase for a while.

Best way to track and record your collection?

Posting after these NES hauls… feelsbadman

Visited a local pawn shop and found a mint PS Vita PHC-1001 for $80 CAD ($60 freedombux). I thought it was a hell of a deal and snapped it up.

It came with a 4GB memory card and Madden 13 hiding inside.


Looks great, and that’s a ripper price.

I’m still super ignorant of the Vita’s range of games though.


Great pickup but the placement of that sticker over the touchpad on the back is criminal. I hope it comes off without much issue


As am I. Looking forward to digging into it.


Yup, wasn’t an issue at all… Just peeled right off (slowly).

Just to show my ignorance when it comes to the Vita library, my first reaction was “that’s a touch pad?!”


Haha yea.

The platform has a great library, but to be completely honest, it’s very port heavy. It very much filled a niche that has been taken over by the Switch of quality portable versions of indie titles.

Some of its best gems have also been ported to PS4 like Gravity Rush and Tearaway. But I’d still prefer the Vita versions due to the way they’re built around that control scheme. I also like Hotline Miami on it. And, of course, there’s P4G.

It’s a very decent platform if you’re a portable gamer.


Quite possibly the best evaluation of Vita ever, and damning with the faint praise it deserves.


For me it’ll play Vita, PSP, and emulators of all sorts. The screen is so much nicer than the PSP 1000, it’ll be my main go-to machine for pretty much all things portable outside of Nintendo.


I’ve bought stuff from those guys before too! Ontario?


I live up the street from them here in Scarborough.


More games? WHY NOT! Lol got my package from Japan this evening and was super excited. Can’t wait to clean these and take them for a spin.


Super Bonk is awesome.


Love the Geomon games :slight_smile:


I picked this up yesterday at Aldi. I’m testing it to see if I can use it as a univeral controller/DS/3DS charging station. So far it works well with my 3rd party PS3 controller.


input 100-240v - 0.8a max
output 5v dc 2.4A (each port)
output current 7.1A max


I sat down just to test the carts to make sure they work and ended up playing Super Bonk for an hour.


One last package from Japan, I think I’m done buying games for the year.