RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Interesting how much this looks like the Switch boxart format!


Couple things… I have not kept up with all the stuff I’ve been getting. I need to take pictures more often before playing!

FlipGrip is in!


I’ll be curious to hear how the flip grip is. I’m cautiously curious


I can save my progress in Dreamcast games.

This is most exciting!

Sega Dreamcast |OT| It's Still Thinking

Ended up importing this because it’s digital only and almost full price in Europe.

I thought the second paragraph here was rather amusing though…


Maaaan… that Monster Boy box art is sweet. I’m all digital on Switch but that is enticing.


A full colour manual!?

Whaaaaaaaaat! :scream:

Looks great though.
I haven’t got a switch yet, but it’s releases like this which make it more and more enticing.

Also, there’s a great video on the animation of the first game for anyone who’s interested.


Lol that is amusing considering it got a patch. hahaha


Picked up a new switch controller. Was $7 on clearance




Unfortunate lol.

Absolutely brilliant and what I’ve been saying about that remake for over a year now.

The original game actually has actively bad controls and kinda crap graphics and animation on a sprite level. Slippery with no tells, crap hit stun and action etc. I enjoyed it years ago always hated how it actually played.

I was worried when they said the remake used the original game’s physics. But in the end it 95% fixes the game with its animation, by adding tells for all actions. Genius.




So jelly of Monster Boy. Maybe I’ll get it for Christmas.

I did just get this today




Golf Story is one of those games I downloaded on day one, played 10 minutes and realized “this looks awesome” then forgot about completely to play something else.

I really should get back into it.


Loved every second of Golf Story. It’s the reason I’m so far down the video game golf rabbit hole.


Picked up a few games tonight.

The guy had the manuals for a couple NES games for $2 and $3, couldn’t pass that up.


That’s a great price.


I have the winner’s edition coming from LRG… Super excited for it! Couldn’t snag a copy of GALF though :frowning: :frowning:


It’s ok, they’re all on eBay now.