RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Picked up a TG16 that came with an engine block and SCART cable for RGB output. I also ordered an everdrive for it this week.


What does the engine block do?


Uses the rear expansion port to output RGB, S-Video, Composite, and stereo audio.



It’s a good breakdown of the animation differences. I really like his channel. He’s got a unique perspective, and discusses subjects not often brought up in game design analysis.


Thanks for sharing that, I could never quite understand why the new animation transformed the game in a detailed way but he nails the explanation with the examples he showed. Particularly the ice analogy he compares the original game’s physics to when combined with its rudimentary animation.

I hope he does a video on Wario Land 4 one day, quite enjoyed the Metroid Fusion one.


Mother 3 handbook. Picked this up to support the translation. 20 hours in and it’s one of the best jrpg stories ever,amazing game!


Oh look, another Switch game I ordered months ago and will not get around to playing :joy:


I got that too, though I kind of wish I passed on it since it doesn’t support tate mode.


Picked up an Aero City cab from a friend of mine. Final Fight pcb has a couple graphic glitches, so he threw that in for free.


You guys with your arcade cabs make me so jealous. Nice pickup!


Finally grabbed both of these.


This is the cab of my dreams.


Nearly nothing arouses my jealousy in video game pickups/setups…

Except well maintained candy cabs. Those make me jealous AF.


Probably my last pickup of the year, excited to blow through Fray on a slow day near christmas.


Last Gladiators is such a terrific pinball game, I love it.


It’s so awesome! Since you’re doing imports, get yourself Necronomicon too!!


If you can, try and get Last Gladiators '97. It’s an updated version of the game although it is quite rare these days.


Thanks. I already own it. :slight_smile:


Got the damn NES pads.

Might sell and try and get the Fami ones instead. or maybe Fami shells will turn up on Aliexpress?


Mine just came too