RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Sold listings on Ebay are showing those NES Joycons selling for over $100 on Ebay.


I don’t know what its going on with my NES Pads. They shipped the things UPS Mail innovations, so UPS delivered it to my local post office 5 days ago where they’ve just sat. Wish they would just freaking deliver them already.


Vita means life…for a bit longer.

Aksys Games have been rather inconsistent with European boxed releases of their games. Death Mark came out as a digital only title a few months ago, and then it randomly appeared at a couple of retailers for sale as a boxed game.

I’d been meaning to play it so I didn’t hesitate to pick it up when I saw it.


so we just moved & please believe I’ll have shots of the dedicated game room when i can but despite being broke as fuck i checked craigslist just to see and man i wish i had funds/space for this


Wow. That’s just… wow.


If you know they are at your local post office, why not just go there and get them? Or doesn’t it work like that in the US?


Sorry but you just need to figure out a way to make this happen.


I called the post office today and they claimed they haven’t actually received them yet, and then I called UPS and they claim they don’t have them either. Suddenly today a few hours later they’re now going to be delivered tomorrow. Funny how that works sometimes.


The Universe Provides


Very funny. Good to hear that the parcel will finally be delivered.


Some SS games including the first Sakura Taisen. Funny thing is that the Evangelion one came with several PlayStation ads LOL.

The CDs are in a great shape (some cracks on the jewel case but that’s easy to replace), probably came from those Japan 100 yen bin.


Can subscribers still order those NES pads?


Picked this Astro City up last week. Long drive but worth it. The guy recapped the monitor for me and replaced the Hot as well,looks amazing! The Blast City I got last night for $350 (control panel and bezel included,just cleaning it). Unfortunately the monitor doesnt work,no neck glow at all. Gonna check for cold solder and maybe replace the caps in hope that fixes it. In the meantime I’m trying to buy a working replacement chassis from Japan.




Yeah you can still order them.


Finally bit the bullet and picked up a switch. Zelda is amazing so far.


Those fucking second releases Nintendo has been doing with a pack in booklet have almost got me to double dip on Zelda and Mario.


Don’t touch that damn book! The game is way too much fun to explore to go in with a guide.


Have to agree, there’s a lot of magic in the discovery and exploration. Try to save the book for your second play-through.


And a very merry Christmas to you!