RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Random assortment of latest pickups over the last three weeks or so. Monster Boy (posing alongside my copy of Dynastic Hero which was the first Wonderboy related title I ever played as a long suffering, loyal Turbo Duo owning teen in ‘94), Flip Grip, SSB Ultimate, Ketsui and new copy of Raiden DX (on a side note, I gotta say it’s really annoying that the forum doesn’t upload pictures in the order you’ve selected them from your device):


What’s the PS1 game? Love that Major Wave game series logo. Edit: ah, Raiden DX


Yeah I don’t plan to! I’ll open it up and check things out once in done with the game and have finished it.


Been trying not to buy anything for myself, but I couldn’t pass up Shenmue HD for $9.99 (pictured here with Dreamcast and Vinyl soundtrack). Maybe I’ll actually play it before 3!!


damn, that’s a good price. i imported the LE but could use a US copy, where’s it go for that?


Amazon.ca, but it looks like it’s sold out now.


Not much this month but some nice presents.


It’s not the new year yet, well bought this a couple days ago for international and ET RGB-era, so I don’t need to try to follow my resolution of buying less haha.

I went to a couple shops in LA visiting in laws. I was mostly looking for Dreamcast stuff but saw this CIB, and in great condition, for a decent price so I grabbed it.


Picked up a Trio of Tetris games today. I need to get a Japanese PS1 to start playing them - any recommendations on model/revision variations would be much appreciated!


Suikoden is such a great game. Has a good story and is nice and short. I really should play the second game soon.


I was gone for the holidays and had my mail stopped so this is the last of my 2018 pickups. First time GC owner. (It’s tiny!)


Digital port?




Congrats. GCN is an amazing system.


I’ve been slacking lately with posting my pickups but here’s some better , retro related, one’s I’ve had.

Mixed pickup here. The 2 Game Boys were $10 and listed as not working. I’ll repair and reshell them. The main thing I wanted to grab here was the Official Dreamcast Magazine!

I bought a new computer! I found a great C64 lot locally and I had to grab it. It has 2 c64s, 2 floppy drives, a 1702 monitor (the one with svideo), a ton of books and magazines and all the original manuals including the programmers manual. I’ve ordered a tophat for the pi to replace the disk drive and I need to replace the power supply with something that wont nuke it.

Korean Bomberman! Korea is a super weird world where Hyundai sold the Game Boy and it was called the “Hyundai Comboy” I’ve been learning Korean so I’ve been playing games in Hangul to practice. This is in MINT condition. I’m positive it’s never been played.

I’m a huge sucker for guides!

I’ve been on the lookout for this arcade stick for a while now. Found it for cheap at a local store and iirc these games were well priced too!

And maybe one of my best pickups was this dreamcast lot. I replied to an ad with 2 of these green goblin sticks for $100 which on it’s own was a great deal. Both sticks are in great shape and I was able to whiten them back to original with oxyclean. The BEST part of this deal is when I meet up with the guy he says " oh I found some other dreamcast stuff I had to so I figured I’d just throw it in with the joysticks"

That’s right. Everything else in this picture was “free” Capcom vs SNK being the standout here.


Oh man, JUMPMAN! I adore this game, and your C64 pickup looks sexy as hell! May I ask what you paid for the lot?

Commodore computers have been getting out of hand expensive here… I haven’t seen a good deal in months.

Really good choice on the pi1541. They are incredible, and you can have them emulate any of the old drives like the 1541, 1541-II, 1571 etc etc. You can set them up to work with a VIC-20 and other Commodore systems, too.


Oh wow, that DC haul is just amazing! Hard not to be jealous, but I’ve had my share of lucky breaks over the years, too, so I have no reason to complain. :smile: Congrats!


You can’t go wrong with that Hori Stick. I had the same model but for the Saturn.


Hori typically makes damn good stuff. I’ve been wanting to buy their stick for the PC Engine, but the price of it has been holding me back.


Got my Christmas everdrives in!