RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


This whole post is bonkers! That Dreamcast haul is insane.


I’ve got their PC Engine stick. It comes with two big steel rods in side to weigh it down.


Now I want it even more. Why must your videos always make me want to spend money I don’t have to spend!


Dreamcast, Gamecube, C64, and Bomberman. You’re starting the year off right!


Amazing pickups Socks. That drawing of Claire on the Dreamcast Magazine cover is ADORABLE.


I paid $350cad for the lot. I could take some pictures of everything if you wanted, there’s a staggering amount of stuff. Joysticks, manuals, basic learning things. So much.

@BTails there’s a complete walkthrough for Code Veronica inside too so I’m all set when I make it there!


I usually don’t advocate for walkthroughs, but I would definitely recommend one for CV. It’s very easy to miss a couple of items you need later in the game to unlock strong weapons like the Magnum, which can make the end game very difficult. Not to mention there’s one boss you basically have to facetank, and another where there’s practically no way to avoid being hit multiple times. There’s a reason people say it’s the hardest RE game!


@Socksfelloff your haul was awesome! Wow. C64 and that Dreamcast lot in one post. It doesn’t get better than that.


BTW, I own that Fighting Stick PS. It’s a tank. Great piece of hardware. HORI makes really good stuff. I continued using it on PS2.


It’s a great stick. I have…a lot of arcade sticks these days lol. It’s getting kind of scary.


Sorry man. I’d better not post a video of my SFC BB King joystick then :smile:


I have 5 but that’s as far as I’m going with it. It want to get the adapter cables so that I can use the Hori on my Mega Drive and FM Towns.


I’ve managed to whittle down my collection of arcade sticks, mostly because so many of them that I got for 16 bit systems were just pure garbage. I’ve kind of gone that 1 arcade stick for multiple systems route. I built one based around the Mc Cthulhu board for a lot of my retro consoles, but I’m not happy with that board’s compatibility with PC Engine, and SNES, hence why I want one of those Hori sticks.


Most of mine are newer sticks from the ps360 era that I’ve modded for other consoles or stuck a ps360+/MC inside it. Those madcatz TE sticks from that era are real workhorses once you gut the shitty stock boards.

I’ve had this Dreamcast stick forever with a busted joystick so I went in to repair it and found out it’s a Saturn stick with a saturn-dc converter stuffed inside. I just modded it with a JLF and now I’ve got a sweet Saturn-DC converter to boot !

I need to print some new artwork for it but it’s kind of charming in its current state


I still own my first home arcade stick and it’s still the worst one I’ve ever owned: the SNES Capcom Fighter Stick SN-6. Those things are heavy and seem like they should be great, but they’re just… not. It was so disappointing but I didn’t return it. Realistically, I didn’t use it that much. I pulled it out recently and liked it a little better now than I did then, but by the time I got that PlayStation HORI stick (and a Neo Geo before that!), I knew that better sticks for the home were totally doable. Even the official US Sega Saturn stick, which is kinda crap too, is better than that Capcom one.


Yeah, those Capcom sticks are garbage. I’ve used one in the past. The stick feels mushy and the buttons are just nasty cheap conductive pad type buttons.


There was a thread on the shmups forum where someone had discovered the same thing, it sounds like an awesome stick! How easy is it to switch between Saturn and DC?

I’ve got the Saturn only version of this and love the decal top plate.


Not that it’s a pick up but thought I would share the main arcade sticks I use. I have more than these 4 but these are the ones I use, the others are in bins in our basement because they suck. The one I built myself is all Sanwa parts, and the Mayflash has a Sanwa stick, but the stock buttons cause they seem fine so far. Both of these sticks have larger actuators and heavier springs in them. I don’t know much about the SNES pad, I bought it at the Funcoland I worked at used YEARS AGO. Everything feels really authentic, I think it might be all old school happ stuff.



Picked up a bunch of commons for a great price.


Damn. I need to do that with NES someday soon.