RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


I had that championship fight stick. Its amazing. (put a metal plate on the bottom because that damn thing is too light).


Going a little off topic for this thread but I like to post things publicly for people to find down the road.

The stick was literally a Saturn stick with a plug in converter jammed inside it, they didn’t even cut off the plugs . Take a look!


Wow look at all that extra cable.


I honestly thought someone hacked this in themselves untill I started googling around. I just unplugged the DC converter and ran that bundles up cord out the cord hole. Now I’ve got a Saturn stick and a Saturn-DC converter to boot !


Oh you’re saying it came like that from the manufacturer?

That’s great


Just got one of my holy grails!

Took a pic next to an NES cart for fun.


Finally plunged on an RGB SCART to Component converter for my CRT. Time to enjoy that RGB goodness with 0 lag.

I’m garbage at taking pics of CRTs though, need to get that figured out because these pics do not do the picture quality justice. And I can play Silent Hill and other resolution changing games again!

I still need to get into the service menu of my TV and do some tweaks to Geometry plus make sure the colours are just right. But as is, the picture is mighty fine!


Nice one, that’s what I used 2000-2007.


top 5 all-time coin-op right here, congrats!


fist-bumps you & me both man, just moved in & started using mine full-time & loving it!


This is probably my fav arcade beat em up. Right up there with the DnD games. Congrats on the legendary pickup. It’s definitely a game that will never be ported eithef


Yep, those were originally Saturn arcade sticks repurposed for the Dreamcast launch until the green goblin we all know and love came out.

I have been researching this topic for a while. It’s authentic.


Yeah, this was one of my favorite beat em ups growing up. Right up there with The Punisher, and the TMNT games. Now I just need my H.A.S. to show up so I can actually try it out!


First pick ups of the new year.
Haven’t had time to clean the snes games.
I got them for a thrift store. they wanted $50 for them but I talked them down to $25.
Also been trying to pick up more physical Vita games before they start going up. Got the Vita lot for $40



I’m really fond of Sega AM2’s Hatsune Miku Project Diva games - particularly the arcade version - and I completely forgot the home port of that received a boxed release with hundreds of songs included.

Needless to say I had to pick it up, but I just know it won’t be the same without the row of four large horizontal arcade buttons and that Touch Bar up top. HORI released an arcade controller which compromises by using 8 buttons (two for each direction are placed diagonally next to each other so you can tap with two hands) but it’s ridiculously expensive at the moment…


They’re here!


Brand new box of the 3rd Shooting Game Historica shmup gashapon figure set (has red and blue ship from Raiden, and also figures from Souky, In the Hunt, Wolf Fang, Star Soldier and Granada). I also own the first box from 2008 which featured the Gradius, Darius and R-TYPE figures. I also have most of the figures (without box) from the second set (Raystorm, R-TYPE III and MUSHA). These are amazing little figures to have on your shmup shelf.

Digital pick up but also recently got the Sega Ages version of Outrun on Switch which I’m really enjoying.


Picked up this bundle for $40 CAD (~$30 US) today. :slight_smile:

The Ghouls n Ghosts manual is rough though. :frowning:


Phelios and Ghouls n Ghosts. Someone is in for a great weekend!


Love these! If they wern’t so expensive I would buy them myself.