RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


That is so fucking awesome. I wish I could afford one of those, huge congrats on it Peagles!


My latest gaming pick ups.


Defender of the Crown got a Jaguar port? That’s awesome. I used to play that on my Apple IIgs all the time, great game.

Meanwhile, I picked up this little beauty as I’m starting to play more and more indies on the Switch:

First impressions are that I love it. Been using it in Smash, which feels fine once you get used to it, along with The Way Remastered (which I’m going to make a thread about once I finish it). I did, however, put some Hole Punch Reinforcers on the PCB to prevent accidental diagonals on the d-pad, and have had 0 problems so far!


Nothing earth shattering, but how could I resist, these were all $2.99 except Smanic. I had Zack and Wiki at launch and played almost to the end, got frustrated and sold it. Feeling frisky now and fear this game will go up in price so I jumped. Arkham Knight didn’t excite me at all, so I figured I would give Origins a shot. I heard it was good. Brutal Legend is a Shaffer joint so I’m sure I’ll enjoy that. And Crysis is Crysis. Been mildly entertained so far but I prefer the tropical setting of the first. Gives me a reason to take a break from Diablo 3 though. Oh and Ghost Squad because this genre is a dying breed.


Zack and Wiki is amazing. I bought it at launch after reading a review that compared it to the Gobliiins games from the early 90s.

I picked this bad boy up today, not really retro, but I’m VERY excited. First thing I did was flip the cover so Claire, the best RE protagonist, was front and centre. The PSX original is my original copy from 20 years ago (!!!)


DoTC on the Jaguar is a modern homebrew, made with approval from Cinemaware Retro. It’s a port of the Atari ST version, with upgraded music from the CD soundtrack, since the Jaguar has way better sound capabilities when compared to the ST.


Just ordered Zack and Wiki.


Got a new copy of Dragon Quest Rocket Slime for only $35. Really looking forward to finally playing this, also looks nice on my game shelf next to DQ Builders and DQ XI.


Rocket Slime is great. Myself and my kids played the hell out of that.

@blastprocessed Ghost Squad on Wii is superb. There’s so much awesome in there.


Zack and Wiki is brilliant - there’s still been nothing quite like it since it released. I was never good enough to beat the final level though, but I remember many of the puzzles being excellent. There was this one where you mix together chemicals in beakers in a lab which I remember the most.

I recently picked up Rage Racer.

Really looking forward to playing some classic Ridge Racer again. I hope it’s as good as Rave Racer, which is probably my favourite of the classic games. It’s a shame the home port of Rave Racer (PC + PowerVR) was cancelled.


Love Rage Racer, the European styling at the time was a revelation and so too were the vertical inclines and wild undulations the tracks have. I think it was somewhat inspired by Rave Racer so not sure how this will stack up against that, from what little I played I remember that being a lot more crazier, this might be too tame for you!

Big shame Rave Racer was cancelled, I remember the Edge preview at the time and I was dreaming of the day I could afford a PC that could play it.


A couple retro pickups of the last few weeks.


Picked these up today, issues 2 and 3 of the new MST3K comics from Dark Horse!


Had a quick go on it last night! Rave Racer is definitely crazier haha, though I wonder if a lot of that was down to the hardware, like the real-time audio mixing (the audio became warped if you fell from a jump).

The styling is really impressive for a game of its era - even the in-game visuals are quite impressive really. I’m just a bit rubbish at the moment, I need to dig out a proper controller as I was playing it with my Namco arcade stick for a laugh. Got a NeGcon on the way though!


Got both earlier. :slight_smile:


Shenmue 2, only on Xbox. Yeah, right. Only in the states more like it :stuck_out_tongue:


I loved that game. Great pull.

Rage Racer is my favorite in the series. I had the Japanese release so I have no clue if there were any changes to the way the cars handles when it got localized.


Nice to see more Rage Racer love! It seems to be forgotten by most, and definitely overshadowed by R4.

I picked up the Japanese version too for 60hz goodness (check out that clean cover art with the discrete PS logo), as my only other PlayStation is a European model.


Nice hack on the that d-pad. I just got one of these for Xmas and I love it. I’m basically playing all of my Switch games with it. I will have to look into this hack - seems like you’ve used two in each direction? Does the clicky sound of the buttons and d-pad bother you? Any solution for that? I am assuming an OEM rubber piece from SNES controllers isn’t exactly the same shape…?

Also seeing the pics of Rage Racer … I have a copy of this and somehow lost the disc. I NEVER loose stuff and can’t for the life of me figure out where it went. Grrrr


I used two as the 3 hole punch reinforcers had a pretty large inner circle and one wasn’t enough to cover enough of the pad. The clicky d-pad is pretty loud, but I’m starting to get used to it, haven’t looked at swapping any parts from an original SNES controller so I don’t know if they’d fit, sorry.