RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Phelios alone is worth what you paid for that bundle. Nice deal!


Man, MD G’nG has one of the best box arts ever! I’m a sucker for anything with lightning on it though. Not sure if it beats the Japanese F-Zero X box but it’s close!


That’s a crazy good deal, very nice work. Where did you find it?


LetGo app. I have a few saved searches and I got an alert on my “Sega” one and was able to get to their house soon after they contacted me.


Nice, I’ve found a couple things on there, but nothing as good as this for deals.


Belated Happy New Year. Picked up some cheap titles I came across. 2 retro and 2 current titles.


MASHED is a local multi-player gem


Guitaroo Man!

Hope you enjoy it - I’ve only got access to the PSP version at the moment and it just isn’t as good, due to the 30fps, the smaller viewing area for incoming notes and the aim assist for the analogue segments. Doesn’t feel like half the challenge the original was!




It sure is. Used to play the first Mashed religiously during lunchtimes at high school. Didn’t realise they released an updated version so that’s cool!


My brother-in-law left me his NES and some games when he went living in the US some years ago, and now he found out several other games in his old house. Some really good ones in there.


Thanks! Yeah, Gitaroo Man slipped under my radar back in the day. Only heard about it couple of months back and it sounds like a lot of fun :slight_smile:


Wow, all that amazing NES cover art!

Not tried this out yet but I’m liking the smoky look.


Krikzz always delivers with the slick looks.


It’s here! Hoping it lives up to its reputation as the best VB game. It’s got some tough competition from Galactic Pinball, Red Alarm, Jack Bros, Panic Bomber and Vertical Force.

I also picked up Arcana Heart 3 Love Max on the Vita since I’m playing the PS2 original at the moment.


Enjoy! I really dig VB Wario Land.


Thank you. I just tested it and the battery backup seems to be working (it saved the brightness settings and that I started a new file) so I’m not going to rush through it like I feared I may have to.


Glad to hear it


Haven’t read these goosebumps books since I was a kid. Saw them for cheap and had to pick them up. Got Bendy because it was gamestop exclusive. Trying to pick up more of these limited run games while they are cheap.


I always forget to post here but…