RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


COSMIC SMASH! :heart_eyes:


Cosmic Bus… 707


I got a very good deal on it, I am really happy to own it again finally!

One of the GOAT attract modes.


Some more Densha de Go goodness and NTSC-J Gradius V. Looking forward to riding the Enoden and Keifuku Randen, and seeing how FINAL compares to its PSP ports.

I wonder whether Gradius V is a good candidate for an arcade stick? I seem to remember it having analogue movement when I last played the PAL version. Not sure what Treasure designed it around.

The disc art for Gradius V is on point. I miss the limited colour palette artists had to work with for earlier PS discs manufactured in Japan (and all GC and earlier Wii discs). Love the etched effect for the Vic Viper!


You do know that all early Saturn and PlayStation discs were in full colour :+1:
Mega CD discs in Japan were also in full colour. It’s a shame they cheaper out as a colour print on a silver background looked very cool.
Strangely PC Engine and FM Towns discs were dull looking like PS2 and most Japanese Dreamcast discs.


:o We need a disc art thread!


Great idea!!!


Time to break out my japanese ps1 discs


Sweet, looking forward to it


My earliest PS1 disc is from 1996 I think, I missed out!

What I mean though is probably not the colour limitations, but how the early discs had bits of colour printed directly onto the silver surface. With later discs the whole front surface is printed and there’s no special effect or embossing anymore.


I’ve got some great ones too


This just arrived! Had a chance to walk around in Resident Evil 7 and… wow. The last time I played in VR was in the 90’s during the lawnmower man craze. It’s… come a long way:p


Yessss! Welcome to the club. I love my PSVR. Resident Evil 7 is legitimately one of the coolest gaming experiences I’ve ever had. Great game, and absolutely mind blowing in VR.


I kept reading you need to ramp up to some of the more intense games but played a few courses in wipeout and tried some demos and so far so good!


Welcome to the family! Please buy Rez Infinite, Tetris Effect and Polybius.


So my best buy gamers club discount ends tonight or tomorrow so I went on a last discount shopping spree.


So yeah, I just bought 200lbs of bootleg LEGO sets…

(seller didn’t label the bags,FML)


Some of my recent pickups. Saw Kingdoms Hearts jumping in price so went ahead and grabbed it for $40 at my local walmart. Also saw South Park for $20 so grabbed it as well.

All the Xbox 360 games were $20 total for the lot so couldn’t pass them up.

Been playing Tekken 7 all day. Really enjoying the story mode. Played a couple of hours of RE2 but haven’t had time to get back to it because of work.


Picked this up for the Famicom-style bonus adventure which M2 helped develop: https://www.twitter.com/chiyomaru5pb/status/1022881600025985025

The European release feels like penny pinching from Koch Media - inflated price and no inside cover art. PQube used to have the rights to Mages titles (now it’s Spike Chunsoft who don’t have European publishing offices) and I’m sure the launch price would be more affordable at the very least.


It finally arrived :slight_smile: