RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Congrats. I love that game. The audio is sublime

(Sorry my use of the emoji was lame)


Wow, cool stuff!


Nice to see it arrived in good condition! Hope you enjoy the game, looking forward to reading your impressions. It’s definitely one of the best on the system, every aspect of it exudes good craftsmanship.


It is pretty neat. Spent an hour and a half playing it yesterday but then I got a game over, haha.

I wouldn’t recommend picking up Steins;Gate Elite just for it though unless you’ve played the original. Due to the condensed story in the Famicom game they spoil a lot at the beginning


Been waiting awhile for these, ordered way before Jack Bros… weekend project will be de-yellowing and transplanting a local power supply in there:

And uhh, they must have left this in there, but I’ll take it!


That is damn beautiful! Are you going to mod it as well? The Phantom Universal mod (I think that’s what its called) is pretty easy to do.


Very nice! I’ll be in the market soon for a Saturn… where did you get it from?

I was entertaining the idea of buying from japan though buyee.jp


I’d like to… I think originally in my mind I was just gonna wait for the Satiator or pick up an All-in-1 Pseudo Saturn, but now that you mention mod chips I’ll look into it… I have a ton of legit JP games to get through but wouldn’t mind being able to play some of my PAL games in 60Hz…

I got it from eBay, I had been watching a particular seller (veracruzfukuoka) for awhile as they have free postage, so I paid $48 USD for the console and another $28 USD for the two controllers (from another seller).


Oh nice! That’s an excellent deal… Mind PMing me a link to his store?


Got some parts in for my Blast City restore. Control panel overlay,marquee,Sanwa buttons,jpac and a video card for the groovymame build.


Sure, he’s only got a couple listed for parts right now but he puts up some that are tested and working.


If you get a non-Pseudo Saturn Action Replay, with the mod chip you should be able to play everything. That’s currently my setup for my Saturn, though I want the Satiator BADDDDLLLLYYY. So I get that mood.


I love my Rhea /humblebrag


Sounds good, after I’ve done my restore I’ll take a look at the Phantom. We have at least one Action Replay around somewhere - husband used to use one (I think it was flashed) to play his JP imports too…


What kind of front end software do you use? My groovymame build is still running mala with an old version of MAME but I’m looking at a new build.


My Analogue Super NT arrived :sunglasses:

I’ve got the settings how I like them and I’ve been using it along with an original SFC controller to test my games, it’s flawless!


I use Launchbox


It’s a hell of a device. I love mine. They did a great job with it.

That said, I’ve been playing some SEGA Genesis (Streets of Rage 2 and Strider specifically) with the RetroTINK-2x lately using a Retrovision HD Component cable and I’m pretty sure that’s going to prevent me from buying the Mega Sg. Genesis is probably my favorite console library of all time so that’s not a small thing for me. The component output through the “cheap” TINK looks fantastic on my HDTV. It’s like Boo!


Genesis output is absurdly clean.


It looks so goooooood. I will set up the tripod with my phone soon and run some off-screen video of it. If I stream, I’ll put it in a thread here. Do we have a streaming thread?