RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Still hoping to track down a 20" 1000 line BVM some day!


I had a look at the Edge review for it and their issue seemed to be how calculated everything felt, from the handling to the drifting to the predictable AI to audio sound bytes. They also mentioned a lower sense of speed from the wider circuits which also makes it less thrilling to experience.

I haven’t played enough to judge for myself, but I can vouch for it being less thrilling. Coming straight off 1 Turbo, Rage Racer and a bit of Type 4 and I’m surprised by how ‘smooth’ the camera is and how sterile it feels to play by comparison to those games. I might have also been spoiled by Ridge Racers, 6 and 3D…

I’ll return to it at some point - just wanted to try it out - but it’s encouraging to hear its course design is its own thing.


Found this today for 6 bucks at value village. Is this game any good? Not normally my kind of thing but a complete limited edition game for that cheap was too hard to pass up.


Bomberman 64 :heart:


Picked this up at my local Mega Replay today. Game is complete and the Guncon2 works like a charm.


Finally found one for a decent deal! 75 CAD with disc.


Try to grab a pro action replay with GBI ULL if you can! Congrats!


It’s funny, I wasn’t even really looking for a player with the disc, as I know the alternatives are better anyway, but I couldn’t pass this up.

I intend to try out Swiss/GBi before deciding if it’s worth spending money on AR.

Edit: wait… I need a way to launch GBi. Does that mean I’ll need an action replay anyway?




Quite a few modern pick ups this time plus some retro stuff and many view pictures.


I’ve not been buying as much in the past few months, but since it’s been a while since my last post below you can see all my gaming purchases from October 2018 until now (10th Feb).

The only things missing are a CPS2 InfiniKey and FirebrandX’s M1 Mini Mega.


That GCN D-Terminal bling.


And yet the GCN D-Terminal cable still ended up way cheaper than buying any of the third party solutions currently being offered…


It should be at least fairly interesting if it’s from Gust - I picked it up last year but never found time to play it. Let us know how you get on with it.


I’m really happy with these controllers. It’s unfortunate it doesn’t work well with MGS3.


I’m pretty sure there’s a lengthy workaround if you have a soft modded Wii that still has GCN capabilities. Basically you can download a hacked save for a few games (Smash Melee is one), then use the Homebrew Wii to transfer that save game to a GCN memory card. Then boot the legit game and load the hacked save, which gets you into Swiss.

You’d still need a Gamecube Memory Card / SD adapter though, I think.


Oh nice, I have all that except the GCN SD adapter. I’ll look into how that all works, thanks.


Oops, yeah - sorry. I forgot about this work-around. When I was going through the process of getting GBI set up, I didn’t have a Wii available to use.


God that screen brings back memories,totally forgot about it! I bought that thing as soon as it came out. I had an overnight shift at a fleebag motel for a couple years and that screen was a dream come true! I played through MANY rpg’s on it!


Pickups for 2019 so far:

The SCART cables are for N64 and SFC.

Lots of modding components from Console5!