RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


That’s what he’s talking about. Vita TV = PSTV in the states.


Ah lol


Yeah it’s pstv. I am an old man you must forgive me saying the wrong thing from time to time. None the less I want to see how the home brew scene is on that thing because it’s a cool little device.


I haven’t touched mine in some time but I hacked it back when it was just a psp mode exploit. I know they’ve since made huge jumps in the vita homebrew scene and things like rendering resolution and usb loading are now a thing.

Here’s a capture I grabbed of FFT:WoTL from my hacked pstv


I think you linked that before or I found it organically on YouTube. Either way, I need to look into this more.


I’m not trying to spit on your cupcake, but that looks really blurry to my eyes. There appears to be some sort of bilinear interpolation causing the text and sprites to be a bit soft.


Oh I agree. The pstv has its own problems with scaling and WoTL was a terrible game to choose since the psp port has its own problems with scaling as well.


SCART cables for my V-Saturn! Now I can play Layer Section


I picked up a couple games from the local library.

I also picked up some Xbox One games on the cheap and a PSP 3000.

Also picked up a Saturn game that is kicking my a** and an odd Super Famicom game.


How’s that Segata Sanshiro game, any good?

Got in What Remains of Edith Finch myself. I held off on it until a physical release. It’s really bare-bones, nothing inside the case except for the disc and some sparse inside art and I had to pay €18 import fees, so in the end I ended up having to pay way too much, which sucks. If only they marked down their packages $5,- or so I wouldn’t have to deal with that kind of shit with sites like this. This pretty much ensures I’ll never buy from them again. The S+H was also very high, which is also something I don’t quit get. Why can companies like VG+ have $5,- shipping costs and no import fees, whereas they have $16,- shipping costs and import fees. Oh well, that’s my venting for the day.


From what I’ve played it’s a bunch of minigames that unlock Segata Sanshiro commercials. The minigames are ok. If you’re a Saturn fan buy it. Everyone else can pass.

I also received this on Monday and forgot to include it in the previous post.


I also bought Raiden V. I didn’t take pictures but I bought a few games this week.

Rayman Switch $15
Raiden V PS4 ~ $15-17
Mass Effect Andromeda SE w/ steel book $15
Monster Hunter World PS4 & XBOX please let me know if anyone is playing this. i dont’ want to do it alone.


I’d love to hunt with you but I don’t think our time zones will line up :frowning:


I just started Monster Hunter World last night but I don’t pay for Live. From what I’ve played so far I really like the game.


We can work out a game night if you are down to play. We have a helper that comes on Thursday nights to help with the kids so I can play after I get home from work for a few hours.

I only opened the PS4 version but if I find enough people willing to play on XBOX I might keep that. It really doesn’t matter to me as much as having friends to play with. The only reason i opened the PS4 game is that I pay for PS+ and don’t let it laps like i do XBL. Als, Japan typically will be into Monster Hunter for years so I know there will always be pick up groups I can hunt with.

Where are you located? I am in the Los Angeles area. Trying to find a time zone buddy.


Was looking for a US copy of Yoshi’s Island on ebay to replace my current JP copy, and came across this for £21:

damn good condition

Bought it immediately. It’s the release of SMW2 for the Korean variant of the SNES, the Super Comboy. So why did I buy this when it’s korean? Because despite the packaging…it’s the USA 1.1 ROM on the cart! It’s in full english.

I think £21 for the USA version of the game is fantastic, especially as this one will actually fit into my SFC Jr as well as the Super NT.


Awesome find! I remember reading there’s some pretty decent, Korean exclusive, games out there.


Yeah! I noticed Super Mario RPG is the USA version too, but that’s still kinda pricey from the looks of it. I have a JP cart I converted to English anyhow so that’s not too essential.

Having a PAL design cart of YI with the 60hz english version of the game is too awesome to pass up though


I’m in the Midwest. I’m close to HD Retrovision HQ.


I’ve never seen a Korean cart before. Neat.