RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Man I looked into some of the super combo stuff. It’s really rare and as a result, really pricey!

You really scored on that pickup!


Always wanted to play The Game Paradise but never did. This seemed like the best option.


Finally picked up Marvel vs Capcom 2 and a couple of others that I had on my list.


One of my all time favorite games and hands down my favorite fighter. I always loved the xbox cover but to bad everyone on it is straight booty lol



Oh shit! I forgot Afterburner was on the PSP


I picked up MVC 2 for the Xbox at a Gamestop almost ten years ago. I was in town for a friend’s wedding with my wife and was happy to find a copy. I mentioned to the clerk that I was from out of town and he said oh I’ll make sure your receipt doesn’t get lost and stapled it to the back of the manual. :frowning:


It is considered a pick up if I found some long lost games?

These boxes, manuals and carts are so minty. I have never seen games in the wild look as clean as these 3 carts that belonged to me and my sister. My sister wanted the Genesis and I had the SNES and she wouldn’t share. She got into boys and still wouldn’t let me have the Genesis and hid everything away. 20+ years later. THEY ARE MINE!


Those look like they’re right out of the shrink wrap. Nice!


Genesis Sonic games are still amazing to go back to. Especially Sonic 1 and 2.


I have Sonic 1 and 2 but knowing that these are the ones we played as kids make it feel so special. I gave up looking for Streets of Rage 2 and Aladdin. This may have triggered a Genesis collection.


Those look great! I love it when I buy a CIB game and find personal notes or the original purchase receipt in there.


Best Buy did the same when they were holding the Luigi Amiibo for me on launch day. I wanted to smack them


I find them hard to go back to after Mania. You dont realise how smooth mania is untill you replay 1,2 or 3


How is this Afterburner? Never played it, and almost forgot it existed.


I really need to get Sonic Mania.


I got it on switch. I regret it big time. I wish I went for PS4 with the Native 4K patch on the Pro + a good D-Pad. Kind of side note. I was doing everything switch until recently. I liked the portable aspect of it but I really want some games to play best. Despite knowing Axiom Verge would be wonderful on the go, I just can’t do it when I know I could use a better D-Pad anywhere else.


Sonic Mania is a damn fine game. It stands out as a clinic of incredible platforming design even during an era when Super Mario Odyssey and Celeste have come out since. Really, I cannot stress this enough: the level design of Sonic Mania is very good.

It’s only marred by its short length and over-abundance of repetitive bonus levels (blue spheres in particular has way too many levels).


I have a Pro controller for Switch so I’ll probably still get it there. The button-pad doesn’t bother me too much, especially in a game that likely doesn’t use diagonals?


Correct. Sonic Mania doesn’t really use diagonals.