RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


I wasn’t even talking about how great a game Mania is. I was refering to just how smooth it feels with all those extra frames. You really dont appreciate it untill you go back to the originals.


Super excited for this.


Black Falcon is slower paced than a regular arcade type After Burner and has a cheesy story tacked on with cringe worthy characters and the cut scenes are quite long. It is still fun, but nothing special. Black Falcon is to the After Burner series what R: Racing Evolution is to the the Ridge Racer series, but R: Racing Evolution is a better game.


It may not be a big deal to most, but I finally picked up a copy of my favourite game of all time. I found it for a decent price, and it’s in very good shape.


Congrats! It’s a game that everyone should own.


Grabbing one of the all time greats is a big deal! Have you played ALBW? If not that needs to be your next pickup.


everyone should own a copy of LTTP! I have an NTSC copy and a JP one.

Anyhow…my Korean (but it’s the american version really) Yoshi’s Island cart is on its way! The tracking gave me the plane number itself, and I watched it fly over Russia to Helsinki, Finland, along with its speed and altitude. Insane how we can track this kind of stuff nowadays.

I’m in the UK, so uh…I’ll give it a few more days.


Yup! Loved it…

I actually bought the ALBW Special Edition 3DS XL when it came out so I could play it.



Awesome! What you might like, if you have an SD2SNES that is, is the MSU-1 patch that replaces the LTTP music with the tracks from ALBW. I took a video, excuse the poor sound, it was filmed using my phone:

Since then I’ve replaced the dark world theme with the guitar based track that you hear for the majority of the game. Works really well.


Oh that’s a great idea! I’ll be ordering an SD2SNES in the next few weeks so I’ll have to try that out.


Honestly I was the same as you guys: I completely forgot it even existed. We’re doing inventory in nearby shops of ours and suddenly I saw the one we were in monday had Afterbruner for €6,99 so I just went “eh, why not” and picked it up. I haven’t played it yet, so I couldn’t tell you about it. Looks pretty decent though.


A couple odds and ends, very excited to be playing Landstalker finally. Getting Genesis games always feels good.


I love the Fear Effect games. Super underrated and forgotten about, even with a “new” entry coming, and apparently a remake…


I’ve never really tried them, aside from renting the first one back in the day and not getting too far into it as far as I remember (this is before I had a memory card). I’m excited to try it out and had no idea they were still making them or that there was a remake coming!


Well, there’s still only the two PSX games. There was a kickstarter for a new game that looked more like a strategy game (think Xcom), and more recently they teased a remake of the firt game, though there’s no gameplay or info out about that.


This copy of Metal Gear is one of my best CIB gets. Super nice copy!

And I love these early NP guides. Trying to get all of the ones that are platform overviews and not game-specific.


Finally set up.


I really like that color for the Super NT. I think that’s the color I’m going with.


Fatal Fury Special and Samurai Shodown 3, two great Games from SNK golden era. And some original manuals and covers, since some of my CD were loose.

And yes, it’s from the first Tohshinden.


That’s my second copy of Starfox so I’ll have to get rid of it.