RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!

I played through that Giana Sisters game a couple years ago, it’s a good platformer. I really should get around to playing twisted dreams.

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Picked up this Tetris lamp from a local origami artist today:

She said it’s made from 28 pieces of paper :o


That looks quite nice.

I got a thing today.


That’s a nice looking switch :+1:


I don’t love the joycons but man do I adore the back panel. Such a great subtle detail.


I’ve been saying I’m out on the CRT game, I have all I’ll ever need… then I ran into this fella lol

DVD doesn’t work but it did include the cute Spongebob remote. I have no clue what I’m gonna do with it!!


LMAO these licensed TVS were such a strange little period right at the end of CRT production.

Probably worth a fortune in 30 years.


These are very tempting. I still only have a launch Switch and a Switch Lite.

I was in the exact same boat, and my original switch has been very well used by my 8 year old since he was about 5… it’s not in the greatest shape any more.

This will be mine only, and I don’t plan on using the joycons at all, so they can stay drift free and in plastic. I much prefer a pro controller anyway.

I have to say, the build quality of these new models is much better… they have a huge stand on the back that’s as wide as the console, and a really nice glass aluminum bezel all around the screen. It feels very nice.

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Wait, the screens on the oled model are glass?

It is and it isn’t… It’s supposedly glass with an integrated “anti-scatter” screen protector that you can’t remove. I plan on putting a glass screen protector on it.

The surround is not glass like I thought, it’s aluminum, so it feels cold to the touch.

A few months of pickups


Received two nice Evercade cartridges in the mail this week :slight_smile:


Whoa, nice. Didn’t know Toaplan volume 2 was out, gonna have to get on that quick.

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It’s a really good collection! Here’s hoping for one or two more featuring the remaining Toaplan games:

  • Batsugun
  • FixEight
  • Dogyuun
  • Ghox
  • Grind Stormer
  • Knuckle Bash
  • Out Zone
  • Performan
  • Pipi & Bibi’s
  • Snow Bros. 2
  • Truxton II
  • Vimana
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wait what’s the top right monster world one? also this collection owns

Monster World II Dragon no Wana on Game Gear. Known in the west as Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap.

It was obviously originally built for the Mark III due to be released in 87/88, since the Master System Dragon’s Trap ROM has FM Audio and the Monster World II title when booted on Japanese hardware. But due to Sega moving quickly to the Mega Drive, it went unreleased until the Game Gear version.

Edit: Oh I think you meant the top right Switch game?

That’s the Japanese edition of the Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap remake. It has a reversible cover with the original Japanese title and artwork straight from the Game Gear release.

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Got Toaplan Arcade vol 2 for Evercade, am looking forward to trying Hellfire and Twin Hawk as I haven’t played them before:


Hellfire is amazing! Probably my favourite Toaplan shooter.