RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!

Next in neverending line of ‘decades later matching releases’, Contra Collection in the silver Konami box.

Plus added to my Metroid Prime 1 collection

Nice that the reverse cover matches the Japanese releases.

Wild that the Prime subseries is now this big.


Nice collections. I’m surprised at just how many of those Metroids there are.

No Pinball but 2 Federation Force. You should feel a little dead inside!

Actually I do have pinball, both Australian and Japanese too. Forgot to add to the photo.

There’s two of everything lol. I have complete Australian and Japanese Metroid sets.

Well. Alright then!

So my 1000JPY PS1 Pingu controller just sold on eBay for $$$.

That’s my next order from Japan sorted, or maybe 1/4 saving towards a MiSTer.

That’s how I roll.


Got an Evercade EXP and Toaplan Arcade Vol 1. This is my first experience with an Evercade related device and I’m really impressed at how high quality the system is overall and the carts are beautiful.


Nothing rare today, but certainly rare to find locally!

I stumbled upon this clean Famicom at a goodwill today for $40 CAD! It’s missing the power adapter, but that’s easy to replace.

The #1 controller even still had the plastic on it.


Wow, that is an Awsome find. Sure, not rare but finding one in that condition in the West for a good price is rare! I have no nostalgia at all for the Famicom but even I’d grab such a beauty at that price.


Yeah I certainly couldn’t pass it up… I told my friend I would be tempted if it was $100 or less, so when they brought it down for me and I saw the sticker, I was really surprised haha.

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Might even be OEM replacement controllers. There were a bunch floating around for sale about 10 years ago, I got a few.

Otherwise I’m not sure I’ve seen a Famicom without some decent wear on Controller 1’s faceplate.

It’s possible, not sure. The 1st controller does have some wear, couple very small dents in the gold. It’s in nice shape though.

Got a RetroTink 5x Pro, it lives up to the hype and then some:

My deluxe Wonder Boy Anniversary boxset collection from SLG also arrived:


Join me as I go through 3 decades of gaming pickups. Well, not literally but you know what I mean :smiley:
Nice haul plus images of what the views have been buying.


Your post inspired me to pick this up…


Also got a nicer copy of Giana Sisters DS, my existing copy had a bit of a beat up case.

And Drainus, from the makers of Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth


Increased to know about it! Even though I’ve sold the controller :sweat_smile:

That’s awesome to hear that you’re enjoying the Retrotink 5X @AgentUnknown .

I find everything is kinda blurry when using stock cables (Yellow/Red/White) that are common with older consoles… I assumed the Tink would clean up the image even though I was using those stock cables, but from what I read, I would need to invest further in SCART cables to make the picture not blurry…

Kinda disappointed me, but I’m not blaming the device. I keep hoping I’m doing something wrong though! :smile:


Diving into RGB is the way to go if you want to make the most of a scaler.


My Turbo Duo is modded for RGB so for my TG-16 and PCE games I’m using SCART which looks phenomenal. On my Saturn I’m using an official s-video cable which also looks great. I also find that in general it seems like colors on both systems pop more and seem brighter with the RetroTink than they did on the Framemeister. I’m going to be posting some pics tonight in the scanline thread.