RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


I’ve always heard its a 50/50 chance of either fixing the disc or permanently ruining it.


My friend has one of those machines and have always had good results. Of course it depends on how deep the scratches are. But I think the success rate is definitely way higher than 50/50.


Agreed. I distinctly remember looking at Metroid Prime’s polygonal models and watching the game run in 60fps and thinking “but how?” The other game to make me do that on GCN was F-Zero GX.


Then there was stuff like looking up in the rain and what not. Game was pretty as fuck.


Ok, guess there is no turning back now:


Good stuff, ShinJohnpv. The video will be going out tonight so I’ll add your images.



What’s interesting is it isn’t immediately apparent how great it looked. The frigate is good, but just hallways, and the opening area on the planet is pretty plain. It’s when you start getting deeper into the temple and realise the geometry and textures of this game are just so crisp it is off the charts. Every single wall in the whole game is different, broken, cracked etc. Great atmospheric lighting but in some ways otherwise no frills or tricks, just simple, quality art with impeccable performance and image quality. Just like F-Zero GX.


It’s that time again to take a look at yours and my gaming pickups. What goodies have we bough this past month? Let’s take a look.
Oh and this is the first gaming pick ups to be presented in 4K.


I’ve picked up a few things over the past week or two so I’m throwing them all in 1 pic.

I can’t stop buying physical switch games. I’m in love with this console!

My jamma harnesses came in too. Time to wire up my neogeo boards!


Dat’s a lot of Switch Indies.

I just bought another giant RPG that I won’t have time to play for a year, haha… INTO THE BACKLOG IT GOES! FFXII is actually the only mainline Final Fantasy I haven’t finished (not counting 11). I only got about halfway through on PS2 back in the day.


You bought the advanced wars that killed the series. As a long time fan, I didn’t appreciate it going dark the way it did. Get your emo out of my Advanced Wars. I hope Nintendo brings it back on the switch. But keep the classic happy looking armies.


I found a PS2 at a good price so I picked it up for my son’s setup. We now have 5 PS2s and I think that’s enough for anyone. Forza was $11 and came with the DLC so it was cheap enough to try.

I was going to pick up a cart like Peltz has for my JVC but I picked this cart up instead. It works great and just needs some cable management and a fresh coat of paint. I can now wheel it over to the setup using the Sony CRT and connect the two PS2s together. 2 player 2 CRT Time Crisis and OG Xbox Lan play!


Love that cart, it looks like a perfect fit for that ballin’ JVC!


That looks better than the cart I have. You did well.


That sounds awesome!


Yea, it’s really something special when everyone gets their own CRT in mulitplayer.


The only way to play Halo Lan back in the day. I still have my Sony CRT I would lug around in my car from house to house.


@Socksfelloff are you going for a complete Nicalis set? I thought about doing that since their physical copies are so cool with what they pack in.


I didn’t plan on it but I think at this point I’m just missing little dew 2 lol… I should probably grab it! I wish binding of isaac didn’t have a different spine then the rest!


If you have any reservations Ittle Dew 2 is a really fun game and I highly recommend playing it.