RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Mind sharing some details on those? The PSUs for my Genesis and SNES are pretty old and beat up, but I’ve never saw an affordable replacement out there besides an original, which would be just as old.


I’m currently playing through Metroid Prime in native 1080p widescreen via Dolphin and it’s as beautiful as ever.

But of course, I’m one of those who believes Metroid Prime 2 is better. Especially on hard mode. Love it.


Nice! love the JVC D series.

Try running PS1 on PS2 on your set. It looks fantastic.


Awww yeah once I get it set up in the basement that’s the plan! Legend of Dragoon playthrough and Pop’n Music are on the agenda :slight_smile:


Finally picked up a PS2 yesterday. Pawn shop near my work sometimes gets interesting things.

PS2 with HDD/Network adapter, aftermarket component cable, power cable & controller = $25 CAD
SNES controller = $5 CAD
Memory card = $5 CAD
Return of the King GBA = $2 CAD

The SNES controller has a slight cable issue where it enters the controller body, but I can fix that pretty easily.


Retro Game Supply always served me well. Dunno if you’re located in Europe or in the US, but they ship (from France, I believe) anywhere.


What’s with those prices? Doesn’t the owner have access to eBay? :wink:

Solid deals.


I dunno, but I appreciate it!

They have quite a bit of cheap gaming stuff in there, but it’s all really common stuff. The SNES controller was an outlier and I think I just got lucky on the timing. I’ve never seen other SNES or Genesis stuff in there before.


As @Galdelico mentioned, these are from Retro Game Supply. I haven’t tested these newest ones yet, but I have an AV Famcom PUS as well as a Sega 3-in-1 (Genesis, CD, 32X) PSU from them and both work great. I even did a bunch of testing on the Sega setup between the all-in-one, and 3 OEM PSUs and couldn’t see any difference in quality.


It was completely nuts.
Probably the last time Nintendo had a game that was ‘best graphics in the industry’ on a technical level, and on an artistic level it is/was also as good as it gets. The fact it holds up so well (vastly better than pretty much anything at all from that time) is testament to this.


Wow. I’m totally getting some of these. Seems like an improvement in all respects? Does it truly make a difference in the lifespan of the hardware? Any reason NOT to do this?


I don’t think so. I got a chance to test both SNES and PC Engine PSUs a few minutes ago: working good!


Im just leaving this here.


I’ve been meaning to post here for quite some time but I keep buying stuff and not posting… so I’ve decided to just roll up the last few months of GETs.

Starting on Switch; I bought a console a few months ago and have a small collection of titles built up including the 3rd copy of Skyrim I own:

So far have gone through Mario, Ittle Dew, Wonder Boy, and started on Mario & Rabbids before falling down the Skyrim hole again. Oh and got partway through Xenoblade; I want to finish it but I was trying to play too many games at once and that kinda fell off.

Next, I bought a few GB games, including a re-buy of Pokemon Blue since I lost my childhood cart at some point. Label’s a bit worn off but it kinda adds to the charm; a lot of old Pokemon carts are like this.

This might be a bit of an odd one, but I love Puyo Puyo (as you can see above) and have been trying to buy up every version of Puyo Puyo 2 and 3, so when I found a good price on the Win95 edition I couldn’t resist!

It’s actually a pretty good version, I ended up playing it for a couple hours in my Win98 PC and even set up a Japanese Win98 install for it only to find… yeah in game nothing is different!

PS1 I’ve had such a hard time finding good condition games for good prices that I almost don’t bother, but recently I’ve put in the effort and paid a bit more than I normally do for some favorites:

Sheep Raider is a great game btw, don’t let the licence fool you it’s a very interesting puzzle game.

I also finally took the plunge on getting a DualShock 1, which I haven’t had in ages, cause I found one in good condition in a color I like. I thought I wouldn’t need it since I have a LOT of DualShock 2s, and of course they work on PS1, but I was pretty sure the buttons (because they’re analog) don’t operate quite the same as a DS1, like you need to use more force. Sure enough I was right! But also the d-pad on the DS1 is a lot less spongy and feels better than any of my DS2s. Make sure to pick one of these up if you don’t have it for PS1 games, it makes a noticable difference!

Next, I picked up a few GameCube games that have been on my list for a while, mostly stuff I’d had in the past and sold or gave away (don’t sell your games, kids):

Also included there is a demo disc for PC that I still haven’t gotten around to checking out but the packaging was just so cool I couldn’t resist.

Next, I might have gone a bit overboard on PS2 games. Quite a few re-buys of stuff, like GameCube, including Champions of Norrath which I managed to snap in half while I was cleaning it… yeah not the best situation but oh well I’ve got a box on my shelf at least:

Half Life I had years ago and thought I’d never need another copy of until I saw @Dark1x 's DF Retro on it and remembered just how interesting that version of HL is.

Getting close to the end here, I went a bit mad on Xbox games and picked up a bunch of stuff I’ve wanted or played for years. To be honest I was a diehard pirate when the Xbox was a fresh console, so I’m really late to the party on picking these up but glad I finally did:

And finally a couple of Wii games. RE4 just cause I really love the way that game plays on Wii; I have it on Wii U but the OSSC’s 480p modes make me really prefer playing Wii games on a real Wii. Silent Hill Shattered Memories might not live up to the original but it has a lot of interesting mechanics especially in how the story changes depending on how you play.

That’s it! Sorry to flood with pickups, the last few months, maybe because of RGB and the discord, I’ve been buying way more retro games than usual. I think from here on I’m going to try to post as I get stuff.


Wow, you’ve been busy! The PS2 version of Half Life is the only one I’ve ever played.


So this was my big thing, that I’ve been eagerly awaiting. I’m sure I posted it here but awhile back I got a really nice boxed Colecovision, but being RF I had no way of integrating it into my setup. I got it with a bunch of games and an Atari 5200.

What came in the mail today, was it, with a fresh install of Citrus3000’s new RGB board.

It has replace my Atari 7800 in my set up for now.

Been playing a ton of Donkey Kong so far.

And for good measure here’s a picture of the install that Citrus3000 sent me.


Nice, I have a composite Coleco I did myself, but that RGB looks slick.

Such a fragile and giant console though haha!


My pick ups for the week.

Super solitaire is a lot more fun than I thought it would be (meaning I haven’t played solitaire in a while and forgot how enjoyable it can be).

On the ball is an interesting tilt and tumble type game.

Battle Garegga is a cheaper physical solution to the Sega Saturn version of the game. I think it only came out physically on the ps4 in Korea.




I want to brag that I found a disc of Popful mail for $60, but it’s all scratched up and skips constantly. Life is unfair. ( T_T)

Would getting the disc buffed help, or would that fuck it up even more?