RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Now you’ve reminded me I want a 5 CRT setup for Four Swords Adventure…


5 CRTs + 5 GCNs + 4 GBPs (might as well make it 5 also) + 5 component cables!


Re-grabing some rare-ish Metroid items I had and sold a while ago, now grabbed a nice Euro Metroid again. Also my Wonder Boy finally arrived. Seems the Nicalis version is a separate Sku and the Switch doesn’t recognise my existing save file. Guess I’ll have to play it through again… Also CPS2 kick harness.

Aaaand the CPS2 board, now plugged into Street Fighter Zero 2.

Just waiting on the supergun and will be rolling!


Zero 2 is easily one of if not the best fighting game ever, and the CPS2 board and it together is a thing of beauty. Consider me jealous, I wish I could afford some arcade boards. CPS2 and Zero 2 would be my first ones if I could.

This came in yesterday, an MC Cthulhu arcade stick multi console board. I plan on building a universal arcade stick for my older consoles. This lets you wire up an RJ45 port, and hack console extension cables to have the console plug on one end and an RJ45 end on the other. This will work with Playstation, PS2, GC, SNES, PC Engine, NES, Saturn, Dreamcast, umm and I think there may be one or two other consoles as well.

Not sure yet what arcade stick I’ll hack up to use this with.


I’ve had one of those dual modded into a mad catz TE 360 stick for years now. Great board!


That’s the one you were telling me about. I wanted to get that one too.


Got some fun stuff in the mail today!


Before doing that GBA Mod, you should know voultar has a board that will give the proper voltage so you have a bright screen when you do the mod.


Does he ship to Canada now? If not, will RetroStuff be carrying them?


I wasn’t aware of that particular one, but the site I bought this stuff from also has one for sale.

I figured I’d try it without first, as I will be playing solely indoors and I doubt it will be too dim for me. If I don’t like it, I can always upgrade with the voltage regulator.


I heard good things about the BennVenn one. He was always out of stock everytime I looked for it.


I’ve got one of bennvenns here I’ve been meaning to use for a while. Definitely will do in my next build.


I havnt personally used either board but one of those guys acts professional, is an electrical engineer for the Australian Navy and constantly shares knowledge with the community.

The other is a crybaby with a soldering iron and a twitter account.


Which is which? :slight_smile:


One of them doesn’t have a twitter account.


Oh, I’m dumb… I didn’t even realize that link above goes to a twitter page rofl


The build to order GBA SP’s on there with the AGS-101 screen: HomerSimpson_drooling.jpg

I need to get one some day or get my SP modded.


Yeah they are really nice!

I was tempted to buy some other goodies for my mod, but my glacier model is in near perfect condition, and it seemed like a waste to change out the case and buttons etc.


So according to BennVenn there is no difference between the chinese reproduction of the AGS 101 screen once you instal his voltage board. This is huge. You don’t have to kill a perfectly good GBA SP in order to do the mod.

I remember @Peagles was talking about how there is some flicker to the GBA screen that isn’t apparent in the normal gba. With Benn’s mod, you don’t have that ghosting effect anymore because the right voltage is powering the whole screen.

With regard to Voultar’s board. He just made the board and its up to you to print it. I don’t know why he is doing it that way. I am more inclined to buy Benn’s board and pair it with Brightness Controller

Since the same person designed both bits, I think this is clutch.


Oooh wow, that interesting.

That makes the jump for the voltage regulator much more appealing.