RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


I have an original SP-101 (which I’ve re-housed, but internals are all original).

It still does have ghosting though?


Maybe it’s the way the GBA and his board work vs the way the sp does. /shrug

One of Bob’s (retrorgb) last videos on YouTube was with BennVenn. I’m very interested in his boards because GBA is a personal favorite of mine. Probably my favorite portable and top 5 console of all time.


I’ve been bringing my gba to work lately to play through mother 3. I use my Backlit og in the work van and I bring my micro into jobs with me.

Love the gba and loving mother 3!


Grabbed this for $5 off Kijiji tonight. I mostly just wanted the Castlevania soundtrack.


They look like actual collectibles, but your pick-ups reminded me of one of my latest ‘gaming’ hauls, made for the most part of registration cards, Nintendo VIP flyers and pieces of paper in general. :smiley:



Off to install it. Wish me luck.


Nice, N64 right?

Good luck!


Yep! And my god that was significantly easier than I thought it’d be! DONE!

Flat cable soldered

It lives!

And my soldering is good it seems

Now to mess around with it. Glad I spent the £150 and did it myself rather than buying a pre modded console for over double that. And the wait seems like it was worth it!!


I am really interested in this mod. I think the N64 looks like shit, but I love the way the PS1 looks. Your posts about the Super NT makes me think that you will look at it with a critical eye and you will give me a better picture than most people I’ve talked to. “Dude! It looks good!” Is the typical response. But the cost seems high for that level of review for me.


After messing with it for a bit, I can say it looks good enough for me to never bother with playing N64 any other way from now on. It’s fantastic.


Are you actively trying to avoid CRTs now?



The demo disc isn’t new, I’ve been revisiting some of these old discs and it’s a great way to both relive my youth and get a taste of the Xbox games I never got my hands on at the time. This one did it’s job, I’d say. I played the Outrun and Otogi demos to death but never had them. Just picked these up today and will order the Otogi games when I find a deal.


Nope, just future-proofing.


Looking forward to some screenshots.


Ooh, some nice mod accessories there. Don’t forget to show us your work.


I’ve used disc-repair machines for 10 years now and almost always with great results. I’m sure it depends on the machines used, but the ones we’ve used have had great results. I must’ve repaired 1000’s of discs over the years.


I’ve been wanting to add this to my collection for a while but didn’t want to pay the going rate. Got such a good deal on this (relatively speaking) that I expected it to be fake when I opened it up (it wasn’t).


What game is this?


Congrats! That game is not cheap.

Majuu Ou (Majuoh) King of Demons


It’s also hard as hell too!