RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Cross posted from the Arcade thread, the final piece…


Gotta wire up the kick harness tomorrow.


I’m jealous man. CPS2 is the greatest arcade platform ever made.


I have most Castlevania’s in my collection already, but SotN is one of the few that has eluded me for years now. I used to own the PAL Special Edition, but I finished it so fast I traded it for Star Fox 64. To this day that’s my biggest mistake game-collection-wise. I saw one at a convention recently and he was asking €300 for it. So I decided to go the cheap route and get the Japanese one instead.

Now all I really need is Legacy of Darkness on N64, Vampire’s Kiss on SNES and Castlevania Legends on GB and I think the collection is complete. Well, as complete as I want it to be, I don’t want that shitty fighter on Wii and I don’t necessarily need Lords of Shadow 2, I don’t really consider the Mercury Steam ones to be legit Castlevania’s anyway.


Nice pickups. Dynamite Deka is an awesome game, and very import friendly.


Thanks it was very exciting! I’ve played it in the arcade and home and emulated for 20 years so crazy to have the real thing myself now!


Props to the second best street fighter!!


Here’s my pawn shop finds today… After a bit of cleaning to get them looking good, but totally worth it. $5 CAD for Gradius, which was the best deal of the day.

And I also picked up one of my favorite NES games of all time from a local retro store.


Got some Dreamcast games last week. Unfortunately I forgot how fragile PAL cases are, all original (blue) cases are broken :confused:

On a positive note the game disks all look great and Code Veronica is a white label version. I’m looking forward to testing Armada!


Man here with a Neo Geo MV2F board hooked up to a monitor: Welcome to the club. CPS boards just look so nice.


I hit up my favorite game shop and couldn’t say no to these!

I’ve been looking for Contra for years. I’ve never seen it in person untill now so I had to buy it. LUNAR is the obvious standout here. It’s in great condition, minus some scratches on the case, and I’m so tempted to drop every other game I’m playing and load it up!


Two great pickups, Socks! Lunar is my second favourite RPG of all time (can’t decide whether I like Sega CD or PSX version more though), and Contra 4 is another amazing Wayforward game.


Lunar is what got me hooked on Working Designs years ago. Great pickups!


My pickups for the week.

I wrote about the snes games in that console’s thread. MLB power pros seems like an interesting baseball game. Contact is a games I’ve been interested in for awhile and syberia came bundled with it on eBay.

Power stone on Dreamcast is interesting because it was supposed to be a wrestling game. What I mean is GameStop had a sale in which I was able to get a bunch of games for a $1.50 each. I ordered an n64 wrestling game and they accidentally sent me this. I guess I’ll have to hunt for the case and manual as I don’t like to have cds loose.


Worked first time, amazing.


Dang, all you cats with this arcade hardware are giving me an itch to make irrational financial decisions.

Speaking of which, I saw Legend of Oasis at a local shop with box an manual (the disc is spotless too) so I had to pick it up. I’ve been super hyped for the Satiator from Prof. Abrasive but since Saturn games are rare around my neck of the woods I jumped. I grabbed DKCR for 3DS while I was at it.


I visited a local, but not so local, game store today. Picked up RE4 and Coach K CIB, F1 is sealed.

I’ll enjoy shutting down Ed O’Bannon and UCLA in Coach K in electronic payback for the NCAA lawsuit, lol.


Purchases for the past month or so. Thanks to @Socksfelloff for the awesome Samsung tablet recommendation.

Happy to have that complete Phantasy Star II, but kinda sad PSIV comes in a cheap cardboard box with a cheap-looking fully b&w manual… one of my faves ever and all that’s put me on the fence.

Currently playing Doom on Switch and gotten much farther than on the PC version despite being able to run it at 4K max settings. Switch is just really convenient and quicker to pick up and play.

Couple of GBC, N64 and PS1 games. The PS1 games are sealed because that’s what my local retro b&m had, but I don’t care for staring at sealed stuff. Would have bought open if that’s what they had and will open these whenever I get to them.

Raphnet adapters. The Gamecube-N64 one is to play wireless N64 with a Wavebird. The Classic Controller-USB is probably the absolute lowest lag controller solution for PC and I want to try it with Retroarch and the optimal lowest input lag settings.

The Super NT is a fantastic piece of hardware. I put some time in with last month’s RGB pick, Super Castlevania IV. Good stuff.

Not pictured is a Scart to BNC adapter with sync stripper for putting any non-CSync consoles on a Bandridge scart switch and connecting that to the Extron Crosspoint matrix switch.


Coach K has some wicked music. Just listen to this menu theme!


For some reason this music makes me think of pizza delivery, not basketball.


Coach K wants me to play some Starsky and Hutch!