RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Haha, that brings back the memories. I didn’t get a chance to play it last night. It sounds so Genesis, almost Toe Jam & Earl levels of Funkatron, lol.


These pick up threads are dangerous. I need to avoid looking at you arcade people’s pick ups at all costs.


EA actually had a few catchy tunes on Genesis. I really like the way Hockey 93 sounded as a kid.


The NHLPA '93 intro is one of the best IMO.


Picked up a new toy today for $45 USD.


Awesome pick up Rask! I have the exact same carrying case, AC Adapter and a few of those games from back in the day.

If you haven’t already, I would HIGHLY recommend recapping that GG. The original capacitors are HORRENDOUS, and prone to leaking. My audio board looked more cap fluid than PCB when I took mine apart. You can get Cap kits really easy online, I got mine from console5.com .

Also, if you’re looking for cheap GG game recommendations, Jurassic Park on GG got a lot of play from 7 year old me.


I actually already have Jurassic Park, and loved that game as a kid!

I plan on recapping it for sure… it’s in really nice shape, but the sound is cutting in and out sometimes, so it’s gotta be done before it causes permanent damage.

I’d love to hear any other recommendations you guys have!


I got a Saturn! No yellowing. This Saturn is amazing. I’m impressed with the composite output of this thing. I can’t wait for retro access to get the coaxial cables back in stock. I probably don’t need that much shielding outside of my output cables.

I need to do something about not having room anymore under the monitor. I need to make room for my Analogue NT Mini & Saturn.


Any room above the tv? And yea, saturn’s composite is pure wizardry. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a cleaner composite signal.


Super jealous of that colorway. I got a solid deal on a boring NTSC standard console so that’s what I ended up with. Opened my new Saturn scart cable today and got it hooked up to my new scart to component adapter. Looking good on the JVC!


It’s a closet. I’d have to put some shelves in to store my controllers and I would have to put a hole in the shelf above the tv to feed the cables. It can be done. But I’m honestly so close to tearing the whole thing out and making an entertainment center built-in for my retro consoles and games. I will probably move my Wii & GameCube because they have Wireless controllers.

Nice! I entertained the idea of getting a D-Series but I decided that I’m going to put two PVMs in my closet and a HDTV for when I want to sit back. It still depends on what I end up doing for my PC setup.



But a closet is where the cloooooothes goooooo


This closet is in my home office. Where all my game stuff is anyway. There are no clothes. It’s all retro games, consoles and fight sticks.


Ohno… don’t look in my wardrobes!

(They’re full of games and stuff…)


And… Dead Saturn. WTF? The disc drive isn’t reading any discs now. I hope he sends me one of his other Saturns. The controller and the game are in good condition I will try to work something out.


Nooooo. Bought off eBay?


Yeah I got it off of ebay. I am golden. I am just annoyed i have to go through this shit.


I have a spare disc drive for that model.

I’m in the UK though


Awww. That’s happened to me once when I bought a used PS One. Sucks