RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Youre better off grabbing a replacement drive as @Rich noted. At this point any replacement console is still going to have a 20 year old drive.


Not sure about Saturn but on PlayStation replacement drives are notorious for not being well made.

Best case is a 20 year old console that has seen very little use. The Satuen I picked up a couple years ago looked like it had barely ever been used and I uh have barely used it since I got it so fingers crossed I get another 20 years out of it.


Yeah, the shell seems like it’s broken too. I didn’t expect to change the drive right away as the person selling them refurbishes them. He is selling like 30+ right at this moment. Either way, he has other consoles I might as well use one that doesn’t have a broken screw socket on the shell. I’ve had bad luck with that sort of thing lately (my switch had the same issue)


I agree. Let the seller help you out. That’s only fair anyway. This isn’t a problem of your making.

I’m on Saturn three. The first, bought in 1995, failed when there was house construction done and someone left the drive door open. It got all kinds of drywall dust inside it and I could never get it to work again. :frowning:

The second I bought from the Neo-Geo.com forums and it worked briefly and failed. sigh

The third one has been fine. I love the Saturn. I just wish I had more time to play games these days.


I heard Saturns were relatively bullet proof. I guess I heard wrong.


Well, the first one would still be my Saturn if not for the dumbness. The second one was bad luck I think.

I dunno, this stuff is all getting really old, like us. You’re talking 20 years now for SEGA Saturn. Ultimately, with a lot of usage of those old grindy drives, they’re gonna fail. Most Dreamcast systems which are newer sound like someone’s being murdered in there.


Nah. My unit experiences bullet hell on a regular basis.


I see what you did there.


You don’t have to replace the drive if there is no drive.


If I could ever buy one and a gmu I’d be set but I am always late to the party.


Pickups from the past week or two. I need to seriously cut down on my spending lol. Really excited to get into Ogre Battle though. I pretty much worship Matsuno so I know I’m in for a good time.


Awesome pickups! Ogre battle is great. What’s final fight tough? Is that the same as the US’s final fight guy?


It’s the same as US Final Fight 3. There’s only a few minor differences like the title screen and the skin tone of a few enemies.


I’ve barely played ogre battle, but what I’ve seen looks excellent. I’m jealous.


Ahh ok thank you for the response :sunglasses:.


It depends upon where they are made. Japanese units are rock solid while us ones tend not to be. One thing we can agree on though is the Saturn in general us a million times more reliable than a PlayStation or PS2.


I bought a factory sealed PS2 slim about 4 years ago and it’s been flawless. Is it just a ticking time bomb? How long do I have?


Pickups for the week!

The Saturn games are shinning force iii scenarios 1-3 in English and Policenauts is also in English.

The item on the top left are snes box protectors.

Age of empires is just the case as I already had the game.

Dragons Dogma was cheap at Best Buy and even cheaper with a rewards coupon.


Man this thread is a non-stop stream of classics…


They’re not talking about the slim.