RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Ah, you’ll be okay with the slim. It’s the original model that’s useless. Have a PS2 slim myself.


My coupon code purchase arrived! Unfortunately I don’t own the system so I can’t test it or play it atm. Hope the damn thing works >_>


I traded an extra Wii I had that was pre-modded, with Super Mario Bros Wii, for a 360. It came with 2 controllers in great shape, 12 games, and a recharge dock. The rechargeable batteries are not taking a charge, but everything else works perfect.


You could probably test it by running a Sega CD emulator on your computer and booting the game from the disc drive. Worked for me with Saturn and pc engine cd emulators, so there’s probably a similiar one for Sega CD.


Oh shit. Thanks. I’ll look into this!


Be advised that some emulators of old CD hardware have the tendency to mask disk rot or scratches damage, so they boot on the emulator but wont work on original hardware.

I have some neogeo CD and sega CD games like that.


Welllllll poop. Thanks for the heads up!


Just try to test it on a friend sega CD so you can return it if it don’t work.


Totes. Paging @balb. Halp.


I always wanted that guide. Congrats on owning one of the best Sega CD games~



Certainly the most I’ve ever spent on a video game that’s for sure. Not something I plan on doing again @_@, but I wanted to snag it lest the price keep going up and up.


Send it my way and I’ll test it on my CDX for you. :wink:


Congrats! How much did you have to pay?


Nice pickup, New! I had that in my cart. Not the first time someone on here has purchased something I had in my cart. Y’all gonna make me change my eBay ways, aren’t ya?


I assumed someone on here would have had it in their cart lol.

Tell your wallet I said you’re welcome @_@


Whoever said this thread was dangerous wasn’t kidding.

Thankfully I’ve kept myself fairly under control, but my wife is starting to give me some of those “looks” when packages arrive. A couple recent, modest pickups:

I’ve been on a shooter kick lately after listening to a Retronauts episode on the Gradius series. I played U.N. Squadron as a rental back in the day, but never owned it. The slowdown is mildly irritating, but for an early SNES release it’s quite good.

Now here’s a game that blows chunks. I sold this off many, many years ago, but the urge to have a complete Ultima boxed collection overrode my good gaming sense. So I re-bought it for fairly cheap. I do plan on forcing myself to play this thing to completion, but not until after I finish replaying the wonderful U6 and U7 games.


Is this complete yet, and is there pics? :wink:


It’s complete for U4-U9. I’m still debating whether or not I want to go through the hassle (and expense) of getting 1-3 boxed. I’ve played them all, but didn’t grow up with the very early ones so the nostalgia factor isn’t quite there.


UN Squadron is probably my favorite shoot em up. The soundtrack kicks so much ass. And it’s got that rad 90s anime style. Definitely one of my favorite games on the system.


With the addition of a (finally) complete in box PC-98 version (top right), I’m considering this Emerald Dragon set complete for now. I’m technically missing the PC-88 box, but I have the disks and the box is identical to the PC-98 version. It was also much rarer. I’ll grab it if I ever come across it, but I’m very happy now. I’d like to get a better photo and also include all of the guides, soundtracks, and the PCE trial disc, but the lightning situation here is garbage.