RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Dang, so that’s every version? Finding the x68000 and FM towns versions must’ve been a pain and a half.

Just got the PCE CD version myself in a lot. Good so far, although I might have to switch to the SFC version because of the language barrier.


There was a fan translation being worked on of the PCE CD version, but I believe its on hold right now, with hopes of it being revisited after the Legend of Xanadu PCE stuff is released. (thats going off memory dont quote me though)


I thought they were planning Anearth next because it was short? Eh, either way I hope they finish Xanadu soon.


Haven’t cleaned these yet but I got these with the recent $15 off coupon on ebay:

Had Agent Under Fire on PS2 a long time ago and @Conezays playing it got me thinking it was a good idea to pick up the Xbox version.

Zelda I also had and sold to get Collector’s Edition a long time ago, which in turn also sold. Don’t sell your games! This version I thought was the best for a long time since it runs really well on GameCube, has rumble support unlike the Wii VC version, and the Master Quest is just cool. I might never actually play this since I can do both OoT and Master Quest on my N64 and 3DS but yeah it’s nice to have.

And Baten Kaitos Origins I never owned before! It always seemed like a neat follow up to Baten Kaitos with some key improvements but it was on sale for a very short time and was always expensive so I never bothered but now my GC collection is getting down to some “nice to haves” and yeah this was nice to have with a bit of a discount.

Still waiting on the stuff I got for the 20% off coupon lol.


Just picked up a copy of Ultima IV for $10 CAD!

The label is in rough shape, but I’m stoked to have it for that price.


Nice! I’ve never played the SMS version, but have read good things.


Sweet pickup! Man, I love the Mastersystem


SMS Ultima 4 is probably the best version, provided you don’t want to short circuit the story (you can’t type stuff you don’t know about in, but that’s really the only downside). Looks the best, sounds the best, has Ultima 5’s diagonal targeting system. No first person dungeons, but honestly considering how much time you spend in monster rooms in Ultima 4, it doesn’t matter that much.


Wow, even better than the PC versions?


Yeah. Of course, it’s going to come down to personal preference on a few things, but it’s authentic to the originals, unlike the NES version. It’s just missing the text parser. If that’s an integral part of the experience, then I’d say that XU4 with the VGA upgrade is probably the better version. But I think for overall, unmodded package, you can’t really beat the SMS version. And I like the graphics a lot better than even the PC VGA graphics, myself.


Thanks for the info! I didn’t know any of this but recently started looking into the series.

Some goodies from Data Disks and Japan arrived!


I got my replacement Saturn! I’ve used it for 2 nights now and it hasn’t crapped out yet. Things are looking good.

I picked up some digital games too. I know I suck but thanks to ps+ I’m almost 100% digital on on PS3. I got Rachet & Clank & Jak & Daxter collections. Trying to find some good games to justify keeping the PS3 connected. @Dark1x said to set the PS3 to 720p and I can’t say I disagree. I’ve been using this setting and my TV I handling the rest.


I’m 99.9% digital on Xbox One and it’s great. Glad to hear the new saturn is working fine! Still jelly about that colorway.


The animation, soooooo good! Also did a little monitor shopping on Monday and got another CRT this week, an Ikegami HTM-2005R.


Ooo no you didn’t. What an amazing game.


After I purchased my PCE Duo R, I started reading about how the seller (doujindance) has done infamously shoddy work in the past, so I started to get nervous. Also read that Turbo Everdrives wouldn’t work with his consoles due to a power problem. I did see some very recent reports that his work has gotten much better, but I was still concerned. I got it today and opened it up, and it’s nothing like those horrific photos I’d seen with bubble wrap and epoxy everywhere. And my Turbo Everdrive works. So I’m feeling pretty good, like I dodged a bullet. Only thing I haven’t tested yet is the RGB out, which I was waiting for my Euro SCART -> Framemeister adapter to arrive in the mail, but as I’m writing this post, I just remembered that I have an unopened OSSC that I got that takes Euro SCART directly, so I can just test it now!
EDIT: Works great! Outside of the image being stretched on my TV, which I’m sure is something I can sort out between the OSSC and the TV.


For all the whining about dojindance, my 2011/12 purchase from him has never ever had a single issue.


Not really retro related at all…but I needed a decent laptop for an extra degree I’ve taken on. Wanted something that had a good screen, decent battery life and under £300.

Decided on an Acer Chromebook 14", 1080p screen, 4gb, 32gb flash, quad core intel. Got Linux installed in no time! I’ve now got a slim/nano 128gb usb plugged in too.

Steam works! I tried Danganronpa 2 and rocket league and they both work quite well. In house streaming is awesome though:

Battery life is crazy too - I charged it once when I got it and it still has 30% left.

Quite glad I got this one! It’s a looker too, brushed aluminium, ips screen, ultrathin


:astonished: It’s so pretty! Case looks so clean.


Doujindance really cleaned up the work they do in the last year or so.

I’ve had a Duo R since Dec 2016 and I swear the only game I’ve played on it is Rondo (twice!) but still very worth it.