RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Very nice. What GPU is in it?


Figured it was about time I own this


Got one of those duo power supplies for my Genesis + Sega CD, and finally got that MSX flash cart I mentioned a while back. Can’t wait to finally get the MSX packapunch cable from Retro Gaming Cables.


I love that game. It’s probably the best game in the series. Make sure to have your file from the first game handy because it can be imported into the second game if I remember correctly.


That looks sweet! I still need to get a light gun for my Saturn.

Here are my retro purchases for March. I lucked out on the PSIII for a BIN price on eBay for $19.99 from Goodwill. It had a generic pic and description, so I had no clue what I was getting. It was a complete like new copy with all the inserts, that looked like the instruction booklet hadn’t even been read, the poster unfolded and the cart hadn’t even been inserted into a console. It looked like someone just took off the shrink wrap, tore off the top tab on the box (those are annoying) and put it on a shelf.


Every once and a while I really luck out at Goodwill. Super psyched about this pickup on the way home from work tonight:

Need to give some recognition to LGR and his “Thrifts” video series. Gave me some tips and improved my thifting abilities considerably. For example, always search the board game section for big box PC games - it’s where I found Tie Fighter today.


pick ups these last few weeks.

Haven’t really been able to play anything else except Monster Hunter World


That’s a good tip for sure! I know a guy that found a boxed virtual box in the board game section!


Just waiting on the syncstrike now.


Nice get! I have the usb3hdcap which is more or less the same device.


This week’s pickups

Inazuma Eleven 2. I’ve never played one of these games and it seems like an interesting concept. I don’t think any of these games made it over to the US physically. The European version was cheap so I went with that.

25th Ward is a remaster of a Suda51 mobile game and I got it from amazon when they had the wrong price attached to it.


Even with that benefit I’m mad that they sent mine in a bubble mailer and the box is crushed.


Sorry to hear that :disappointed_relieved:


Pickups from my Estarland trip with @balb


Some NES pickups

I haven’t spent much time with the dogbone controllers, so I need to get used to them, but I think I prefer the original controllers. Also, the cord is so short. :open_mouth:

Loved Bucky O’Hare as a kid. I remember not being able to finish it. Borrowed it from a friend, so I never owned it. Glad it’s part of my collection now.


Got my 20% off coupon games:

Once again had both a long time ago… oops.

Should go nicely with my other Grandia games:


Are those the Japanese dogbone controllers? I think those have a shorter cord.


Ooooh, cable delivery! Two Genesis 2 RGB “PACKAPUNCH” cables: one to replace my original Genesis 2 RGB cable with the unneeded (and potentially dangerous) sync booster, and the second for my Super SD System 3 for PC Engine which is currently on route to me from Spain!


Yeah, they are. It’s not a big deal, since I sit pretty close for NES, but I didn’t think they would be this short.


Awesome Grandia collection. My experience with the series has been mostly limited to the Dreamcast version of Grandia 2, which was excellent. Shame the series fizzled out.