RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


My CIB Black Box collection is now complete. (I’m not counting DK Jr Math or big box Stack Up). This box is a bit worn but the cart is totally mint, like nearly all my black box carts. I’ll post a pic of the whole set in a few days.


My near, and long term, solution to the stuck disk in my PS3. $120 was a good deal I think. I’ll take apart my old PS3 to troubleshoot the issue at some point, but given it’s a launch fatty it’s bound to die at some point.


Nice haul. Beatles Rock Band was one of my favourite games on the PS3… I bought it day 1, got it at midnight, and played until probably 3 in the morning… I have a feeling that working DualShock3s will start to get rare in the next few years, so not bad to stock pile now if you plan on using your PS3 for years to come.


Thanks, it worked out well because I don’t have any of the games either so no duplicates now. I’m so far behind in gaming I haven’t even played a lot of the great PS3 games (GTA V, Red Dead, TLoU, etc).

They were actually two pickups. The sealed new controller was $20, then the rest was $100. Still a good deal I think!


Brand new Hori Fighting Commander PC Engine controller.


Very nice. I’m rocking an avenue pad 6 myself. That snes style controller looks smexy though. Buttons feel ok?


I just happen to have the box and manual for Montezuma’s Revenge from when I was a kid… no idea where the game went. I picked up this from a local game shop after some haggling for $50 CAD, and plan on reselling my box and manual for a turnaround price of about $30.

Pretty pleased about this… one of my childhood favorites back in my possession!



@Peltz when are you making that 3DS OT?

Edit: this is maybe the least satisfying unboxing I’ve ever done of any console but the refurbished stuff Nintendo sells does seem very high quality. Oddly this came with a blue stylus.


I got my first ever shipment from Japan today… pretty exciting stuff!

DK1, DK2, DK3 for $32 CAD shipped is insane to me.


Jealous of you finding a new one, how much did that end up costing you? I have one and love it, but its been acting funny lately. : (


If you know someone there or have another way of forwarding, amazon jp has NIB for a decent price

I paid nearly as much for a good condition used one a year ago :frowning:


It was about 5000 yen, so not much different from what poptart linked above.


I’m not a fan of the dogbones myself. They’re fine except for 2 major flaws: the cord is too short and the B and A buttons are angled exactly the wrong way. You can’t comfortably rest your thumb on both buttons. I can live with the short cord, but that angle just kills it for me.


Data Discs coming through with hard rocking Sega jams. I’m at 9 of their releases and counting…


Nice!! I’m still unsure if I like the colored vinyl or not.



Just reminded me about the Mondo release of the Katamari soundtrack that I forgot was put out yesterday, and of course sold out now.

I’m not the biggest fan but seems like it’s how a lot of the video game soundtracks are being pressed.


Data Discs always do black, a plain colour, and a limited edition colour.

Data Discs are awesome.


I think it’s cool


I’m pretty certain on my opinion… I love it, and I think it looks amazing!


I love Japanese sellers. I’ve always gotten what was in the photo and they just seem so much more reliable in general on eBay.