RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Just swap the board and cord with a SNES controller.


Depends, on DPI of scan and a bunch of other variables. Probably A4 at a push from this size artwork.

I’ve also thought of trying to track down the original artist.




Well the cover says it so it must be true


Thanks for the suggestions! They have been added to my buy list.


Thanks I almost picked it up but I’ve bought a lot of games recently so I’ll have to wait.


Smurf is the reason I own a Coloecovision. I used to play that game all the time at a friend’s house.


Thanks for all the suggestions on the WII U games!

I found some stuff at the local Savers:

Another Blu-ray player:

Yakuza was $10 and #FE was $15:


Picked up a blast from the past last night. It’s yellowed which is to be expected, but otherwise in great shape!

It came with an Epyx Fast Load, a 1541 drive, and about 40 discs (retail ones shown only).

I think for $80 CAD, I got a pretty good deal.


Very Nice!


The C64 is a huge blindspot for me, and I’d really like to correct that someday. It’s a shame that it appears that there’s a big split between NTSC and PAL software on the thing. Why couldn’t it be made like the MSX2 units where you could change the VDP mode on the fly?! (._. )


That would be amazing. You’re right about the region differences, and the European market is admittedly much better.

I grew up with NTSC exclusively with it, and I’m mostly interested in playing the games I loved as a kid, so it’s not much bother to me.


What kinda chip you got in there? A dorito?


You’ve gotta be the dumbest new002 I’ve ever seen
You’ve got white-out all over your screen


Well, it works, but I’m only getting monochrome.

It came with an AV composite cable. I looked up the pin out, pin #6 is the chrominance pin. I took a bit of sand paper to that pin, then some alcohol… No change.

I loaded up a game and that works. Hooray for 1541 drives being tanks!

I then checked the RF output, and it’s pretty shitty, but it works, with colour! Yay! There’s an adjustment on the RF modulator inside, but that only seems to change the audio for the RF out.

When I was plugging in the AV cable again, I noticed a flash of colour… Turns out if I pull out the cable a bit, I get colour from it, but the picture isn’t right with the cable half out.

At this point, I’m about 90% sure it’s the cable. I’ll order another one and see how that helps.


More goodies arrived tonight!

I can’t believe I only paid $35 USD for this thing… Shipping was a pain, but it’s still cheap.

My heart skipped a beat when I first plugged it in and got nothing, but it turns out it was just the power cable. I’ve got dozens of those lying around, so no biggie.


Oh! I figured out my problem… The cable I have is made for the Commodore monitors, and the three RCA jacks are audio, chroma, and luma. This would explain why I’m only getting a monochrome output when I plug it into my TV.

I’m going to keep my eye out for a Commodore monitor.


Holy moley


I don’t know why it’s so addicting and just fun to play. I mean you’re just walking and jumping over fences but its so damn good.


Nice on the commodore! That is an area of retro gaming I really need to get my acquainted with. One of these days I’ll figure out if the commodore 128 I have works and get it into my set up.