RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Yes they are. It’s much cheaper to grab a saturn-dc adapter these days.


I regret missing out on NT Minis. NES is probably my favorite console ever, but money was tight during its release window for me.


Nice haul! Im more interested in the NES AVS from retrousb, but that’s a sexy piece of kit.


I could easily have spent hundreds at the retro store I visited yesterday. There were a lot of games there to fill holes in my 16-bit era collection but I kept it at $50 for all these…

It was a relatively long drive, but I will have to go back soon.


Where did you go?


I was at the York location of Just Press Play. It’s not their largest store by any means, but it had a really strong selection of games. Better than their Lancaster stores have had recently, and the stuff that really stood out were things like Forgotten Worlds which was $8.99 complete.

Their NES selection was great too but I’m never sure how much I want to get for it because I only have my original NES to play them on atm.


Where in ny?


Sorry, York, Pennsylvania. It’s a little longer drive from NY!


$8.99 for CIB Forgotten Worlds is a great deal. I love that game, especially coop. Also if you’re using a 6 button controller, hold down the mode button before you turn the console on. Once the Sega logo appears, release the button. Otherwise you’ll just get a game over screen every time you boot the game. Or just use a 3-button controller


It is in excellent shape too. I picked it up, opened it, flipped it to check the price and stuck it under my arm. Lol! They had Jackal complete in excellent condition for $30 but I decided cart only was good enough for me at $13.

I’ve got it in my head to do some videos about racing games at some point down the road. That was one of my specialties when I was writing. That was why I snagged Michael Andretti. They’re often super cheap too!


Got myself three lovely Japanese MD games from the New 3D Golf Simulation series.

Pebble Beach no Hatou
Devil’s Course
Waialae no Kiseki


That’s some classy cover art


Indeed. I’m going to try to run off a big print of the Pebble Beach painting for my office wall.


A Retro Game Camp just opened in Little Tokyo, LA about a month ago so I went by to check it out since I was in the area. Got myself a good amount of boxed JP SFC games along with a SFC controller (Man the wire is short on these) and a PS1 Dualshock.


They have a lot of awesome import stuff there from a variety of console eras. You can even request a specific game if they don’t have it in stock and they’ll reference their shop back in Akihabara and import it for you if they have it in stock there. Definitely gonna be coming here regularly to check their stock.


Good stuff.


Thanks for the tip, I am about 20 miles from that shop. Its probably way too hard to get there M-F for me but I am probably going to hit it up on a Saturday/Sunday one of these weekends. Any other members from Southern California here?


Those Golf covers are neat, like fine art mixed with graphic design. Would love to see pics of that print when you get around to making it. How large can you make such a print before it becomes way too noisy?


A couple of pickups from ebay and a local retro store. I don’t know why but Smurf is so fucking good on the Colecovision.


I was thinking of picking up a pair of SFC controllers recently , but yeah, the cords are so short that I’m not so sure at the moment.


Yeah I was surprised how short they were, I thought it would be fine since my current setup has my SNES sitting on top of my PVM but even then it’s still too short unless I’m sitting right in front of the screen. I’ll have to look into some extension cords for it.