RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Nice pickup on the Extron. I have been in the market for one as well but I have looking to the differences in the various 128 models before jumping in.


I put this in another thread, but I’ve added the working sticks in there and fixed the marquee lamp.

Obviously I can’t get a good nighttime pic, so use your imagination. Again, I’m very happy with how it turned out.


So awesome :sob:


Beast matrix switch


One of those, I’ve always wanted but never thought I would own games. Got a hell of a deal on it.




Daaaaaamn! Nice!


That’s a big one!


You could make Svideo from that and use on your regular TV though


Just a little thing today: I needed a mouse pad but couldn’t find one retro enough, so I had one printed

Perfect to use on my Maniac Mansion Machine haha!

It turns out the troubles I had rolling the mouse didn’t come from the lack of a pad, but one of its wheel has become a bit rough. Hopefully nothing that sandpaper can’t solve.


Could be gunk on the rollers…


I use a Lisa Frank mousepad with my older PC. It screams 90s.


You should be using it with every PC.


I would, but it doesn’t work very nicely with optical mice, so I just use it with the roller mouse on the other machine.


That’s awesome, but my mind definitely went to Hugo’s House of Horrors over Maniac Mansion.


I wish I could!






Unfortunately no mouse pads in my recent pickups. :frowning:

[super late edit] I just realized I’m now at 50 ps2 and 50 ps3 games. whoa!

Some ps3 games.

GameCube controller and Raphnet adapter for Wii/GC/VC gaming.


Looks like you need a case swap? The original has a regular grey/black spine case.

But yeah one of the greatest games of the 16-bit era. I remember how excited I was when I got my copy.