RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Thanks. :slight_smile: I was going to get a Framemeister but decided to hold off on that and start filling in some gaps in my TG-16/PCE collection. Might be getting Soldier Blade next.





I’ll take unpopular opinions for $500 Alex.

I don’t think X is better but you can convince me that GX is. Still, I think there is something so good about the original and I think it holds up super well. The music, the way the mode 7 works. Its just great. GX feels totally different and its a great game in its own right. I never put enough time into X but I didn’t like it nearly as much at first blush.


You guys are crazy. Fzero on Snes is a turd compared to X/GX

Im going to watch the Fzero anime on my flight to Japan.


I still really like SNES F-Zero, but F-Zero GX is greatest racing game of all time, OF ALL TIME. kanye.gif



Guys, guys guys… What about the GBA games? :flushed:


I’ve never played them but I know gp legends is tied in with the anime so I’ll play that after I watch it.





I feel like I’m in a ResetEra “What’s the big deal with boring af Tetris?” kinda thread @_@


Speaking of which… I had lots of fun with Tetris DX on GBC the other day.


SNES fzero is terrible to me because the way the screen rotates in that and Mario kart make me motion sick. :nauseated_face:


If I wanted to go full reset I’d claim that I didn’t like fzero because Im not a flying hover ship so I can’t identify with the vehicles. Also I’m not sure Fzero had proper gender and cultural representation so I refuse to play a game from such a disgusting dev.


Is there an option where you happen to think ALL of the F-Zero games are great?? That’s me. GX is still the greatest though. I’ll never stop loving the fact that Sega made the greatest Nintendo racing game of all time. :blush:


If you enjoy the music of Super Metroid, I highly recommend the “Resynthazised” version of the soundtrack by Luminist recorded on an old-school analog synth. It manages to stay faithful to the source material while taking the coolness factor to another level.



You paid $60 for cardboard.

(I bought it but I don’t think I’m going to actually pick it up until I hear more impressions)


X is phenomenal. Each of those three games are completely worth playing.