RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Picked up a new CRT for $3. It looks a lot better in person.


One more game for my feeble 8088 haha!


Holy crap! I remember playing this on Amiga. Couldn’t ever get very far though.


Love Thexder. Interesting that that box doesn’t mention the actual developer, Game Arts.


Actually there is a small paragraph about them on the back cover, along with a photo of the two devs. I remember reading it was ported in-house though.


I clicked like on that post but Fuck Thexder! That game was impossible for the 9 year old me, so much rage. That box brings back the feels lol.



I love it when custom letters are included. The game is great as well.


Packapunch RGB cable from Retrogamingcables for pc engine and…

Wanderers from Ys III


I heard good things about those games.


You heard correctly. Both are amazing.


So much of the music from both of those games is etched into my brain.


Super metroid is easily top 5 greatest games of all time even when played today.

Fzero is more a product of its time and is greatly surpassed by X and GX imo.


Cool! I ordered from that guy too! Very nice to deal with.


I agree with that regarding F-Zero, but it really holds up extremely well today. I think the bare bones presentation along with the uniqueness of its 16-bit era Mode 7 scaling gameplay is what makes it so easy to go back to. It feels different from the all 3D games.




I read the little comic book included in the Japanese manual of F-Zero. Surprisingly it was entirely in English, with each speech bubble getting a translation at the end of the booklet. Very neat! Though I’m not sure about the concept of a bounty hunter racing rivals, because revenge? Seemed odd and out of place, but why not.


Still a better love story than Twilight.


Already posted this in the Discord several days ago but got a copy of Magical Chase for PC Engine on Monday, got it for $399 which is a good deal overall considering the import can go much higher than that and obviously $3-5K for the English version is not doable (I also don’t like how they redrew Ripple’s sprite to be more basic in the Eng version, PCE sprite is cuter and more cartoon like in appearance with a wand attack animation plus she smiles every time she fires her weapon both of which were removed when they redrew the character sprite, plus PCE versions first stage has a colorful toy block theme which was replaced with brown/green grassy field visuals in the Eng version). And season 2 of Barney Miller, one of my favorite shows for only $12.