RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Impressions? I canceled my preorder but still really want this.


I’ll give it a shot again.


Let us know your impressions!

I still think the funniest meme I’ve seen in a long time is someone posting how Sony and MS are battling it out over 4k this and teraflops that and Nintendo is like:


ALIENS is my favorite meme.

No shit, if sony came out with a portable like the switch I would be all about it. I maybe played Zelda and Mario docked. Mostly everything I play is undocked. That was the deal maker for me. It was my Vita 2.0 with Nintendo IP.


Get hype for memory sticks!


Finally got my Zemmix FPGA MSX which I posted about in the Japanese computers thread.

Haven’t gotten around to trying it out yet, but I’ll post impressions over there when I do.


That is so awesome looking. Can’t wait to hear your impressions!


Dont really know what this is, but it definitely looks amazing.


Haven’t tried yet, will wait to play with other people and my nieces.

Opened the box and had a look, it is classily done.


From what I’ve dug up, it’s a modern recreation of a limited Korean variant of the MSX. I think.


Well, more precisely… Way back in 2006, a Japanese company released something called the 1chipMSX, which was an implementation of the MSX2 standard in an FPGA (like the Nt Mini and Super Nt are for NES/SNES). It wasn’t available for very long. Fast forward several years, and a group of Korean fans managed to create new boards that are fully compatible with the original 1chipMSX FPGA firmware. Since then, a Brazilian group and a Spanish group have both managed to do the same, based on the Korean group’s work. This particular Zemmix is from the Spanish group.

Here’s some info about that:


Since then, the community has managed to greatly enhance that original 1chipMSX firmware, and it now has many, many more features.


I haven’t fired up my Dreamcast in a while, but this was a good excuse:


16:9 stretched? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Yeah, yeah. :stuck_out_tongue:

In my defense, Sturmwind is a bit odd in how it handles aspect ratios and the dev made some compromises since it came out well after wide screen formats were commonplace. There’s an in-game slider that I haven’t had a chance to mess with, not sure how that will turn out. My TV doesn’t do me any favors, when I force 4:3 mode I have some hideous gray bars to deal with. I can live with black, but WTF:


Is it a plasma? I know my Panasonic Viera had gray bars by default, presumably something to do with burn in, but there was a setting to make them black.


I was going to say the same. The default on my Panny plasma was gray but I changed it to black.

[edit] Interesting, I just checked the manual and it says:

The recommended setting is “Bright” to prevent panel “Image retention”.

I would have assumed black or off would be better to reduce image retention.

about 1/3 the way down page 29


@Aeana & @dubc - Thanks, you guys are great! Yes, it’s a Panasonic plasma. I never thought to look in the anti image retention options as I wouldn’t have thought 4:3 settings would fall under that. “Bright” does seem counter-intuitive, but I’m not too worried about image burn-in at this point so I’m going to leave it off.


My Panasonic also has gray bars. But I can’t fathom thinking that the color of the border would be worse than the grotesque stretching of the original 4:3 image. There’s no contest IMO. I’m playing a lot of Wii and VC games with tha bars right now and I simply don’t notice it.


Made up the Labo house, the project side is fun as expected, but there’s a surprising amount of actual game there too. It’s a legit high level Tamagotchi, with plenty of activities to do.

And it is absolutely packed with Nintendo history references.

Eg when you start the house, it takes off on jets referencing a famous NES ad

Inside the house the tamagotchi critter has the walls adorned with other Nintendo historical items made of cardboard, the floor is made of playing cards, there’s a hanfuda card as a painting, and a portrait of Napoleon, Nintendo Playing Card Co’s first mascot from 1889.

So far I’m loving it. And haven’t even done it with the kids yet!


But then the pixels age at different rates and you end up with the below, brighter pixels on the outside of the 4:3 image and duller within. Use grey bars if you have the option.