RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Another crappy FMV game?


Hell if I know, I just put them on my shelf.


Played that at MGC. It’s very…simple, but it’s a homebrew game so it’s forgivable.


Well, I’ll give you $20 for it if it’s so crappy…


. >:C


Recent Saturn pickups


Nice! How is Last Gladiators?


Everyone with a SEGA Saturn should own Last Gladiators. That is all!


Thank you! I previously played Necronomicon (another pinball game from the same developer, and the sequel to Last Gladiators), and i liked it a lot.I bought Last Gladiators, and it’s also a very good pinball game.


@VicVelasco I ordered Last Gladiators off of eBay. Looking forward to playing it. I haven’t played too many pinball games, but I have spent an unreasonable amount of time on pinball for the NES.

Pickup this week -

I had no idea this game existed in this form until I saw a Metal Jesus pickups video. I like watching those kinds of videos because you can find things you didn’t know about.

Here’s a pic with it’s big sister

The PS4 has an interesting collection of shmups.

Battle Garegga was released physically in Korea and Darius can be played in it’s ultra wide screen mode.

Just to be clear I only got The Game Paradise this week on PS4. The other games I have purchased over the past few years and I thought it was interesting the games that have been released or rereleased on the system.


I had a Super Game Boy, so of course I had to get its dedicated controller! I thought it would be a little bit of a gimmick, but the dpad is actually better than my original controller, and the bunch of shortcuts are nice to have. The placement of the shoulder buttons will probably make it awkward to play SNES games with it though.


Nice. I like how they designed it to look like a gameboy.


Haha yeah, just for that I had to have it :heart_eyes:


So I might have gone a little overboard with the games lately but at least I have a lot to play now…


Hori is the only 3rd party controller maker whose peripherals I want to collect. Their designs are always so cool. And I like how Nintendo often lets them use their logos on their peripherals.


I collect ASCII pads for SNES. Everytime I see one, I buy it.


I can confirm this is an excellent controller. It may be because the thing is likely new or barely used, but it’s a real joy to use. the dpad is slightly smaller, but more firm and more responsive than the one on the old original controller that came with the console, the extra functions are cool to use (slowdown and mute), and no need to remember a button combination to bring up the menu. Overall I’m quite happy with it!


For once Alien Trilogy was pretty much perfect. Even had the foam and a cheesy Acclaim leaflet still inside the manual.


Three nice pickups for a total of $75. I had the 15% off ebay coupon and another 5% off from this seller for buying three items.

I may not play them in japanese language form, but I won’t feel bad playing in English since I own them now. I adore the JPN Saturn documentation and case art.

Now I just need a working Saturn to play them on. :weary:


Yeah, I pre-ordered the hori d-pad joycon from playasia earlier. Couldn’t say no at £23 shipping included.

I know it’s not got Bluetooth, rumble or gyro but I’ll be using it purely in handheld mode for retroarch and such. So it’s perfect.